Why is the price of website construction very different

when you are consulting, there must be some doubt. Why do the same websites offer different prices for different companies? Some are very cheap, seven hundred or eight hundred yuan, or even lower. Some of them are expensive, and seven thousand or eight thousand of them are expensive. Why is there such a wide gap in the price, cheap in the end cheap there? Expensive is not worth money,


first of all, functions, columns, prices are certainly different, complex functions, more columns, the price is relatively high, simple natural low.

let’s take a look at the offer. Where is the cheapest? What’s the bottom price here? Let’s look at the main factor:

1, cheaper to use template site. Download a free website template, take half a day to change some pictures, name, contact way to the customer, charge you seven hundred or eight hundred, you must feel very cheap, very value. It’s not until that day when you find out why there’s a copy of your web site exactly the same as your website, you know where the cheap is. Such a website, when the personal homepage is good, relative to the company, it is better to do not do, it will not bring tangible results for the company.

2, cheap to use, download free programs. The same as above, good network programmers can guarantee the enterprise website operation speed, operation stability, operation security. It’s not a poster or a graphic magazine. It’s a technical complex that includes pages, art, animation, background programs, databases, and so on. The use of free download program, enterprise website speed, stability, practicality, security can not be guaranteed.

3, cheap, no after-sales service. Enterprises to do web site, the purpose is to enhance corporate image, enhance corporate awareness, and expand business sales channels. After doing the website, there is no technical team that can provide perfect after-sale service. The website will certainly become the chicken ribs, tasteless gesture.

4, cheap use of cheap servers. The speed and stability of the site is related to the level of the programmer, and the quality of the server as well. A good server can handle more access and can handle access to different lines (Telecom / Netcom). Cheap servers are sure to upset you.

, let’s take a closer look at the construction of super high web sites. Is the price good for money? Let’s analyze the main factors:

1, exaggerated function, realize difficulty. When the customer requests, irresponsible to say that this function is very complex, difficult to achieve, it takes a long time to work. The offer must be expensive. This is obviously cheating customers, mantianyaojia. Therefore, we suggest that more consultation, understanding of the actual situation.

2, exaggerating the size of the company, known as dozens of people, or hundreds of teams. These will certainly give you a false impression, that the more people, the more can reflect the strength of the company, choose such a company, more secure, the price is expensive. In fact, otherwise, the Internet company is not a traditional factory, not labor-intensive industry. Network >

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