SEO do not guarantee the search engine optimization ranking reasons

recently, many old customers have called to consult the SEO ranking service. Usually the first sentence always asks me, how long does it take to go to the search engine so well and how much will it cost?. I was feeling very much, how SEO disease to only the bone search engine optimization keywords ranking it? Then I said: I will not guarantee the keywords ranking, I only guarantee you use my website in the website optimization scheme after the comprehensive effect will be better than a key word ranking first in the play the search engine in a much larger part. Of course, customers have their own strong network marketing team, the marketing team of their own enough confidence, then the old white absolutely willing to provide customers with search engine keywords ranking service.

again, does not guarantee the user site search engine ranking, this is not because no ability, dare to promise to keep the website ranking search results, on the contrary, the SEO service is based on the network marketing strategy on a higher level, and the general search engine ranking service is not comparable. The reason why I am not so happy to accept the service mode that "pay according to the effect of search engine optimization", according to the keyword ranking, is that it is better to teach people to catch fish than to teach them to use fish".

?? after all, now some cheating means to obtain Google search engine ranking approach to the enterprise has brought great harm, some sites in SEO cheating case indeed in a certain period of time using a keyword was ranked first in the search results, but this effect is not guaranteed, search engine may the punishment of cheating sites at any time, the result is likely to be the permanent site by Baidu and Google and other mainstream search engine delete. There are already too many websites to pay for this, and almost every day there is a website like this asking me for help.

?? my website optimization thinking is based on the user access to information as a fundamental starting point rather than the search engine ranking, not by any means, unreasonable in order to obtain the search engine ranking effect?? so prefer to earn less RMB, customers do not advocate the search engine ranking service.

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