Shen Napeng with the smell of walking between investors and entrepreneurs

in the international economic arena, Shen Napeng staged the most colorful movement — big Ctrip, roaming sweat build "home" in the vast land, cultivated a million miles transplantation of Sequoia fund. In the arena of NASDAQ, he led the way through, a brilliant record. He is engaged in carry Cheng, if home, with breathtaking speed, the glory that confirms Chinese company and dream.

Shen Napeng and other entrepreneurs and venture capitalists is different, he also has the dual identity and experience of entrepreneurs and investors, both entrepreneurs learn from the example, but also entrepreneurs booster. He founded Sequoia China fund, invested more than 30 enterprises, only in 2010 to help 9 Chinese enterprises successfully listed, and achieved good results, known as China’s "investment Godfather."".

walks between investors and entrepreneurs by smell,

reporter: have you worked in the world’s top investment banks such as Citibank and Lehman brothers? What’s this experience for your future career?

Shen Napeng: I have benefited a lot from the investment banking life of the past 8 years. I want to describe the job of an investment bank as "compressed biscuits."". Perhaps you need 20 years of financial work in a company to understand the company as a whole, but if you are an investment banker, you may be able to grasp and understand the lifeblood of an enterprise for as long as three years. More importantly, the investment bank is a "sweep down irresistibly from a commanding height" occupation. Those who engage in investment banking are generally exposed to CEO or chairman of the listed companies. They have more vision and insight into the vision of an enterprise or industry. In this way, you learn things faster than others, learn more and learn better. What’s more, the experience in my investment banking is very valuable. It taught me a lot of ways. For example, to see whether an enterprise can develop for a long time, entrepreneurs and investors have different views, and entrepreneurs can get more inspiration from investors.

reporter: entrepreneur and investor, you love what identity? At that time in the investment bank was full of sound and colour why will suddenly give up the job, and take the risk to start Ctrip


Shen Napeng: as early as the end of 1998, I had invested in an anti hacker software company. The Internet wasn’t too hot at that time, but my contacts in investment banking, and many of my classmates in California, were constantly instilling ideas into the internet. Seeing the Internet growing so hot in the United States, I decided to invest in the internet.

then I establish a season Qisan person in Shanghai, eat together, we naturally talked about whether some articles on the internet. We talked about Sina, NetEase, Sohu, thinking about what industries can combine with the Internet spark, built chapter first proposed the transformation of traditional tourism industry idea, so, Ctrip was born.

as for the risks, of course, you know, there is a great chance of cost, but the Chinese economy is developing at a great speed

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