Where are the opportunities for the industry Web site navigation station

talking about the site navigation station, people first think of hao123 and 265, many people in the early years of the Internet "the first time" may be dedicated to these web sites. The success of something easy to imitate, but success is difficult to replicate, hao123 abroad has been described as "a fool who put a lot of links to take up the ugly things, Robin Li is too vulgar to be endured." "it’s so easy that you cannot go".

coveted the cake a lot of people, the current domestic competition has been very competitive navigation station, there is no breakthrough, at most can play the role of reading with the prince. However, the Internet industry never lacked the dreamer, from no lack of successors, in the current Internet segment background, especially in recent years, traditional industries have to enter the field of electronic commerce, big industry user groups to rise rapidly, for a particular industry to build the Internet crowd industry site navigation station is ready.

such as the 36 industries in the recent A5 forum in the fire site, the integration of nearly 10000 industry segments of the industry’s leading website, its goal is self-evident, in view of these segments of the industry and the Internet crowd. But before, there are hao123 can not go beyond the integrated navigation station, after the strong industry portal, industry website, navigation station, what kind of opportunities and development space,


1, do industry users online home page


survey found that: there are a large number of traditional industries engaged in E-commerce Internet users, more accustomed to accept others’ recommendation, at least through the input keywords, or directly into the mouse click, they want to go to the website, we call this as "user mouse user" or "user oriented directory". In their daily work, they visit at least 10 websites related to several industries every day. Because of the industry Web site is relatively long and complicated, not easy to professional users of memory, so the industry site navigation station appear just to solve the navigation problem of professional users to surf the Internet every day, do not need to specifically search, find industry websites in the industry Web site can be useful. Internet users become industry users, the accumulation of traffic and high-quality users of the crowd for the next step to find the main advertising foundation.

2, e-commerce is a potential advertiser

industry segmentation is the trend of the Internet, web site navigation is the case. Look at the hao123 home page is what type of company in advertising? Dangdang, excellence, Eslite and other e-commerce shopping websites occupy the major web site gold advertising. And in the industry site navigation station, and what broad market to be excavated?

on the industry Web site are professionals in the industry crowd, they are the industry’s service consumers, consumers have gathered, the seller will naturally come together. Take the tourism industry as an example, the Turisthotellet website contains more than 100 practical scenic spots and hotel websites, which are not only the most popular websites for travel professionals, but also like those who want to

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