Personal webmaster there is a love called let go

many predecessors said that personal website in your insistence, but blindly adhere to, painful insist, as early as give up.

what is blind insistence, that is, they do not know how to engage in what, but it is in the station, the day is a day, a day is, in fact, nothing done. The pain of persistence is a common problem among many webmasters. He wanted to make a stand, ah, this is a formal profession, I do have a few hundreds of day income……

no money, I insist on doing the station, every day on the Internet to do some of their very annoying content. The purpose is entirely for money. This insistence process, boring, worthless, and will not have a future, no matter how long you insist,


personal website promotion is the webmaster most interested in, but also the most headache thing, the reason is very simple, and we can’t stand against large enterprises, because we have no money, burn things we are not willing to do, but now the network is so realistic, not simply don’t think based on the bleeding on the Internet, do we really will do


I hate the word "grassroots", what is our roots, we have no money to do publicity is our roots, you have money you big, it is the money pressure on us this hard webmaster is right, do stand easy? In fact, many webmaster do stand also want to for the public service, not every webmaster want to do a stand up to earn much money, it is better to do more garbage station directly, if you open the IE browser easily garbage station, ordinary users can not stand. But the problem appeared, even if our station do again beautiful, content is rich again, have not clicked, this is very big to every stationmaster blow, slow also lost the motivation that continues to go down. Although there are thousands of new websites, forums and blogs every day, it’s a pity that you can sustain it for a long time. Finally, you have to go to those large portals.


always see those portals do you not fatigued? To be honest, those portals have lost the meaning of a site, they are holding the dead wages every day just update the content, as they called the typist is a bit more reasonable, they have our personal Adsense website but the passion and creativity? The Internet is not willing to give us a way to

personal website!

after half a year of frustration and consideration, I really broke out in silence, personal website really time to unite! Seek to survive only in unity! There is one very important point, if you decide to do, we must adhere to. If you want to do a station, earn 10000 and eight thousand, and actually do stand when no reaction, encounter this situation, you want to give up, then you can succeed, unless it is God’s will,

!In the days when

was flying around the garbage station, if you’re still dreaming of getting rich overnight, I want to tell you there’s a love called letting go.


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