Secrets behind popular video how to create a viral video

this is an old article, old and interesting, old and meaningful, old enough to be brought up again for everyone to appreciate. This article teaches you how to build a viral video, using YouTube as an example, and of course, you can use these methods for potatoes and youku. The author is viral video marketing company The Comotion Group co-founder Dan Ackerman Greenberg. The original text is published on TechCrunch, and the following is the compilation of @36 Kr:

YouTube see those times when browsing in more than one hundred thousand of the video, you have lamented how the video there are so many people concerned about? But it is unlikely that the video is not a born beauty, but thanks to some of the company’s video surgery.

below is the nine secret behind the viral video:

secret 1: not all videos are so popular,

countless videos uploaded to YouTube every day, Dan colleagues play the role of gunmen, customers provide video, they are responsible for making video viral, browsing less than one hundred thousand without charge. The company had already made 80-90 videos in 2007 and achieved great success, with visits ranging from one hundred thousand to 1 million 500 thousand. In other words, not all hot videos are viral, and there’s a way to make them crazy. The company didn’t disclose the name of the customer because YouTube certainly didn’t like what they did, and customers were reluctant to admit that their hot video was full. But Dan says its clients include Hollywood studios, record labels and consumer Brand Company, as well as different types of startups.

, for example, they got 6 videos from a Hollywood movie company, after the "facelift" effect:

1, YouTube:600 million times browse

2 and 30 thousand,

3 and 10 thousand collection

4 and 10 thousand comments

5 and more than 200 blogs link the video to

all 6 sections of video have entered the day of Top 5, there are two segments really reached the virus propagation effect (1 million 500 thousand times), when the week’s hot video ranked first, second.

below is the secret of the company’s success.

secret two: content is not king

if you want to make a video scan millions of times and share a lot of content, it’s necessary but not sufficient. In the following way, the content is not good, you can get one hundred thousand visits:

short: ideal between 15 and 30 seconds; length is short

is designed for interaction: making a simple video that allows others to "mix" easily

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