Micro blog operation difficult Let’s see how Facebook works

review: when you run micro-blog activity more and more low, there will be only one answer, the fans do not love, don’t depend on the



drink in Sanlitun new year, table two people listen to is engaged in the operation of micro-blog, the large inverted grievances, enterprise administrative micro-blog is very difficult to do, the product positioning is too restrictive, plus what activity the Reach plummeted like, a prospective micro-blog dead consciousness between words.

from micro-blog to Twitter, from Renren to Facebook, the global social platform, in their view, has been half feet of Loess situation. As far as the empty bottles on the ground were concerned, they knew each other very well, and the feeling I heard was that they were making excuses for their failure.

although there is a voice, Chinese young people do not go to micro-blog, foreign young people do not go to Facebook, but a series of events have proved that users are still in.

has an example:

Faye Wong divorced, micro-blog forwarded nearly 700 thousand, two hours, millions of discussions.

Ma Jianguo, a micro-blog, 3 minutes, 2000 comments.

why do they interact so high,


because users interested! When you operate the micro-blog activity more and more low, there will be only one answer, the fans do not love, don’t depend on the


drinking home brush micro-blog, open mobile phone will see cheetah mobile CEO Fu Sheng in micro-blog Clean Master Joseph Facebook on the number of fans has exceeded 10 million, the moment could not help but burst foul language sentence: the Diao

!How difficult is it for

Facebook operations?

two barrier directly blocks most of the domestic brands.

1, natural barrier

Facebook is a major language for the English language social platform. The natural differences between Chinese and Western cultures make it difficult for domestic brands to take root.

2, artificial barrier

Facebook and micro-blog released by different mechanisms, each account Post does not like domestic micro-blog that every one Like the account of the fans can see, every time the contents of the Post fans will only accounted for the total number of fans of a random, low proportion. According to a Facebook advertising agency, only 3% are missing.

Facebook powder up only two ways: first, the search for account concerns, one to see the Post after entering the home page attention. Of course, only "true love powder" is the former one, so in the fan origin, Post is the main powder rose channel.

every time a Post is released, go through the 3% barrier, Reach to fan >

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