Talking about the design of website style

website design style after a renovation, it now appears that website changes is very large, if you do not accept new ideas may be eliminated, of course, except the dumpster. We analyze.

, as opposed to popular websites, happy schools, mayyearbook sites, they have something in common.

> layout simple

generally agrees that simple pages perform better, and that browsing your web does not have to be done on the page to find what you want, and at the same time you’re more peaceful and steady in browsing.

> center location

now the website design shows that the content began to appear in the center of the screen, and more use of the central positioning, the target is clear.

> use 3D effects sparingly;

has some pretty 3D icons or effects to differentiate between pages, or use some very "jump" icons with relief and shadows to add a little bit of space to it,

> the page style and background color should be soft and natural

many websites now have a simple background, such as happy campus and other websites. Such a background provides a soft and neutral environment.

> bright colors (to be used with care)

provides an excellent foundation for soft and natural features, highlighting the contrast of tones, and is ideal for other important elements on the page that can guide the user’s eyes.

> cute icons (also used with caution)


sites have some lovely icons, or 3D or other Web2.0, such as Korean style icon, make the whole site impression deepened, but don’t use too many good elements on the same page, eye-catching color, 3D effect, beautiful icons and buttons to add some flash point to the page give a high-quality feel. But if used too much, there is a superimposed effect that causes the page to become cluttered (which affects the user’s attention).

> there are lots of blank spaces

is the biggest change of today’s web design style change is very simple very fresh, very clear, as if just experienced a deep breath. The appropriate size of blank, there is enough space between the elements on the page. From browsing and reading and finding the main content, etc., there is a certain amount of space around the object to gaze at,

> clear large font

makes important words bigger than normal text, with large font can let visitors quickly understand what the page is about, what is important, and then they guide you can find what you want and where.


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