Talking about the necessary way to do the group buying website


A5 forum, Seowhy forum, the large stone Seo research forum are on the word about the group purchase due to the small King used to be in full swing, a group purchase website done website editing and website promotion, also worked as a car group purchase group purchase supervisor, generally on local, not to do other City, as the cost of customers and merchants are of great worth. Today, little King is here to talk briefly about how to do a group buying website, but also hope that we actively add it!


1, first of all, you have to understand what is the buy Group: buy as the name suggests, is to focus on the same product purchased together to buy the same product.

for businesses: group buying website is the media, marketing consultant, is a sales channel. The group purchase website, businesses can target customers accurately target the most effective promotional product, the website can also provide professional marketing consulting services for businesses, help businesses easily open network of sales channels, improve sales quickly.

for members: group buying website is the exchange platform, is a purchasing consultant, is a consumer bodyguard. Through the buy site, members can learn to exchange, rational consumption, but also through the website and business transactions, enjoy the preferential price to buy at the same time, access to consumer safety protection.

2, group purchase website structure: the general page will take DIV+CSS to the layout, program can use asp+access,, php+mysql, King here recommend using php+mysql, because the MySQL database security, I believe we all know this


3, selection for local industry: general network group purchase not only group purchase a product or an industry, even Soufangwang and focus network, Tencent are doing they are not only the group purchase, real estate, at the same time, they also do building materials and other industries, through the small King experience, we recommend you to do group purchase counterparts, the industry in general can be divided into real estate, building materials, household appliances, wardrobe, cabinets, furniture, automobiles, household appliances, education, wedding and other industries, it is better to do the most is the building materials and home appliances and furniture, because they are all closely tied together.

4, choose the brand suitable for the local: in determining their own to do certain industries, we must consider the choice of those brands to do, small King proposal is to do top products, first-line brands, big brands. Because these brands have already made a great difference to people. It can be said that these brands, you don’t need to how you do propaganda of the brand, as long as it is to buy the products in this industry who are aware of the brand, you only need to do is to be able to get the lowest price and accumulated more number. Of course, the local flagship product, no matter what line it is, must not be less, for example, Chengdu people like to use the striker, Ningbo people like to use FOTILE, Shanghai people like to use the forest, which is >

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