Reduce plagiarism and make your website original

everyone should know, ninety percent original articles from the pseudo original, especially with the amount of information on the Internet more and more, more and more large cumulative cases, even write their own articles are likely more or less with others in a similar or similar, don’t you see how much the back of the sentence: "have any similarity is purely coincidental".

said plagiarism, we do not know not to study these plagiarism webmaster mentality:

plagiarized articles save time

who knows, if you want to be a pseudo original article to become their own that may need to spend ten minutes, if you want to write an article in your own words that need to spend at least half an hour or more time. All that is money, I think these webmaster will see their time very precious, as gold generally look stingy. Therefore, in order to save time, the webmaster friends naturally like to copy other people, and the use of the doctrine is bound to the extreme.

wood has a topic,

there are some plagiarism webmaster friends, they also want to write original, but when they sit in front of the computer to write two articles, but found himself is a multitude of things do not know where to start, can not find a suitable topic or point. Then sit in front of the computer to half an hour, even half a word did not write, finally decided to copy seems easier. For this station we can’t blame them, but I suggest that if you are such a copy of words, I can go to see an article named "infinite life from the original – bit", in this article I have introduced how to write the original article.

sad past,

has also been a part of the efforts to adhere to the station, wrote the original, but for "Baidu" the bad woman will likely whenever and wherever possible with her small temperament, make your site bear huge blow. When the blow came on in a few months of meticulous grassroots webmaster body, probably the grassroots mentality will be quietly changing…… This sad past, will be his heart forever can not afford to lose the pain, but also because of this, they are likely to give up the original, instead of copying……


in fact this description is not appropriate, but I still use this word, because this kind of people are not worried about what they do, they just want to achieve in the short term to enhance the web site through a large number of plagiarism, increase the degree of the site came to light in order to attract traffic. Not only will they not be original, but they will copy, and even more, they will use tools to gather large amounts of content crazily from various sources in the network.

all this will eventually let the webmaster friends choose plagiarism. Here, Xiong Wei blog to you friends > solemnly

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