Text wild network on maintaining the sustainable development of network companies magic weapon

today, Chengdu wild network company’s wild wild with you discussed is how to maintain the sustainable development of the network company. The first priority of a good Internet company is how to keep on developing. It is the best policy for the harmonious, steady and sustainable development. Now let’s talk specifically about how web companies continue to grow.

take Chengdu networks as an example. Walking in the street, it is very difficult for us to see a certain network company, website construction, website design, website design, advertising, culture media for information necessary for every modern enterprise, such a situation that a key problem, that is the brand construction and enterprise awareness and not from real construction. The so-called "three hundred and sixty lines, the line, the best", but in the website construction market has not been fully realized.

, let’s start with a brief analysis of the development of web companies. The earliest site start, the first site is for military use, called ARPANET, the ARPANET started in 1969, the U.S. forces in ARPA (ARPANET, the U.S. Department of Defense Research Projects Agency) to develop agreements will be the United States Internet Southwest University UCLA (University of California at Losangeles), Stanford ResearchInstitute (Stanford Institute University Research), UCSB (University of California) and UniversityofUtah (Utah State University) connected to the four main computer. So there’s the first web site in the world. With the development of Internet technology and social economy, the website has gradually become popular with the army, and then spread to the society and individuals from the inside of the enterprise. In 1986, the launching of Chinese Academic Network (CANET), an international networking project implemented by Beijing Institute of computer application technology, marked the site’s formal entry into china. G-INFO, China’s first Internet company specializing in website construction, was established (only for one year) and Americans were set up in Beijing. Professional Chengdu website construction company began in 2001, gradually developed in Chengdu. For decades, with the rapid development of information today, we see is not in the imagination of the rapid development, but the wave, wave after wave of door. There are only a few and few, but few Chengdu Internet companies that insist on it, and few of them can do so well. In the end, what caused this situation, and then we continue to study.

in Chengdu the wild network company as an example, from the studio to start, the establishment of the company, has 8 years, but the company has not only great leap breakthrough, there are several innovations in technology and hardware, but when it comes to well-known, but few have seen several entity advertising, reason after all is because corporate profits is not enough to cope with the real brand advertising. Low cost, high operating costs, want to do brand is indeed a very big bottleneck. By contrast, fast moving consumer goods are more likely to form brands.

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