Zhang Xiang three realms of doing websites

In the "human words" in modern

Ancient Chinese Literature Search masters Wang Guowei described three realms of life: the first level is "energy-saving, the tower alone, looking at the endless road." The second level is "my end is no regrets, pining away to." The third level is "hard to find, suddenly look back, that person but in the lights dim." He take three songs Miss Valentine’s song, unique and deeply summarized numerous events, the history of industry university asked the secret of success, it’s very clever. For grassroots webmaster, you need to have the site never do, from small to big, from weak to strong, and its course is also big experience through the above three realms.

is the first state said: do have a should first take the high ground, clear direction and goal. Even at this stage the endless road may not see you, the road ahead is a confused, in my heart is infinite melancholy. This is the same as doing the website, when there is the impulse to do the station, choose what kind of entrepreneurial direction, it has become confusing and confusing things. A good beginning is half of success, if there is no clear direction and goals, just by a momentary impulse, chop and change, to achieve success is driving in the dark sea in ships. Therefore, the owners need early in the site, a comprehensive and profound understanding of self, to understand their own strengths and weaknesses, weaknesses, and based on the analysis of internal and external environment of the market, as soon as possible to eliminate confusion, determine the appropriate direction, do website positioning.

second realm is to say: "any success is not easy, and must go through the process of persistent efforts.". Once you determine your direction, stationmaster must persevere, unremitting efforts, to lovers as long as, sleepless nights, steady pursuit, people do not regret thin bandwidth. In real business, many webmaster is dry for a few days I have no interest, finishing touches, and then quietly, or frustration, or the target is downhearted, constantly changing, this is a start-up taboo. Now the Internet market competition, leaving the opportunity for individual webmaster and space is far from a few years ago, no one who can easily succeed. Owners need to play a "do not abandon, do not give up the spirit of hard work, not afraid of failure, go ahead, so as to improve the probability of success. As some webmaster ridicule: "do web site ah, in fact, physical activity, there is no shortcut."."

said: after the third realm is extremely hard and bitter effort, you have to stand on the top of the success in imperceptibly. How successful such look came cheaply, in fact, is behind the gaunt and increasingly wide results. We interviewed a number of successful webmaster, most people in the business when not seen today’s success, whether it is out of the community of Dong Qinfeng, or the blue ideal had their success seems to be the city, luck and chance, but it is a gradual long-term perseverance and indomitable, their experience is like Tao Yuanming’s poem "the end of hills and rivers have no doubt, There is a way out.", work to do at home, will suddenly clear, naturally "that people are the lights" >

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