How to develop the distance Yanjing Beer steps

Yanjing Beer I am afraid we are not unfamiliar, maybe you did last night, the beer on the market so much, why Yanjing Beer can account for the main force position, with the view of Yanjing Beer is how to run.

since 1999, Yanjing Beer group entered a period of rapid expansion, Jiangxi, Hubei, Guangxi, East Mountain, etc. more than a dozen beer enterprises have been back door, Yanjing tentacles extend to all parts of the country from North china.

swallowed so many companies in a short time, can not digest got? Today, Yan beer with a string of impressive figures to answer – beer production increased by 33% per year, in 2001 reached a total of 1 million 700 thousand tons, sales revenue grew by an average annual profit of $40070, an average annual growth of 45%. 2002 1-8 month production of 1 million 580 thousand tons, sales revenue reached $3 billion 556 million, an increase of 62%. Through mergers and acquisitions, Yanjing not only bigger enterprises, stronger companies.

in the late 90s, the domestic beer market has undergone significant changes. Oversupply of products, a large number of foreign brands have entered the fierce market competition. Beer industry group, intensive management imperative, Yanjing actively adapt to this trend.

Yanjing to expand, take the initiative to come to the enterprise in particular. But Yanjing clear point: the competition in the market, a small sampan and several dozen together sampan anti risk ability is the same, not for the bigger Yanjing and expansion, but to create the beer industry through the acquisition of aircraft carrier. To this end, Bu Yanjing set the premise for the acquisition of a good partner.

This "

partner" to meet five conditions: Yanjing product itself has good market prospects, with the existing equipment can support transformation, local government efforts, the unity of the leadership, near the water quality. Only in line with these five conditions of the enterprise, Yanjing will be included in the scope of consideration.

is the new Guilin Liquan "partner" MampA. Liquan 2002 Yanjing is Guangxi’s first beer brand, leading the Guangxi beer market in Guangxi, the market share of more than 70%, the market stability, better efficiency, profit of about 50000000 yuan in 2001. This enterprise is in full compliance with Yanjing good partner conditions. So, Yanjing decisively to 104 million 820 thousand yuan, 4.17 yuan per share price of the acquisition of all directional Liquan individual shareholders shares of 24 million 960 thousand yuan, becoming the largest shareholder of Liquan.

the acquisition cost, can be very satisfied with their choice of yanjing. Li Fucheng, chairman of Yanjing, said Yanjing with 38% of the shares of the control of the market in Guangxi, led to the development of the southwest market, Yanjing, the national market layout more reasonable. What’s more, this kind of Party

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