Reading corner so that the shop business is booming

a shop if you want to make business booming, often need to use a variety of business skills. After all, the current market is highly competitive, without more skills, it will make it difficult for the development of business. As for me, let my home store to attract customers is an important business rules to establish a "reading corner".

my home supermarket is located in the residential area, the customer base is the area of all households. Previously, only a small supermarket in my neighborhood, tenants are on my shop shopping, I shop business is very hot. The year before last, developers in the vicinity of the development of a new residential area, but with the gradual improvement of the facilities in the New District in the song, the new district house sold very fire, almost all sold out. In this way, more and more households I shop nearby, so some people saw business opportunities, one after another in the shop nearby and opened a convenience store, I shop left shunt part of the customer, I shop business will gradually cool down.

looked increasingly cold business, I worried. How can I let my shop business in the competition again "fire" up? I do not know the right way but cudgel thinking all day and night.

likes to write in a spare time, so I subscribe to a few newspapers, magazines or online books every year. Shop no customers shopping, I have to go take a look; there are customers when shopping, I put newspapers, magazines or books on the counter, and greeting people. In this way, not only can keep a store, and reading, so shoot two hawks with one arrow.

slowly, I found that not only do I like reading books and newspapers, some customers also like. Sometimes, the shop at the same time to a number of customers, and I shuangquannandi the hand, only a greeting. At this time, those who are not in a hurry to catch up with the customer will pick up the newspaper or magazine I put on the counter for a while, there is no other customers in the store to buy something to leave. There are also some people do not come into the store to buy things, but picked up a newspaper or magazine stand at the window with relish reading.

is perhaps his love reading, Freemasonry sake, with non customers like I’m not angry, he (she) would like to see it, anyway, newspapers and books also look not bad. Also, I was surprised to find that some of the store to "rub", sometimes look thirsty, or craving and smoke and not just in his pocket, he (she) who would buy a bottle of mineral water or a pack of cigarettes, drink (or side smoking) watch.

see here, I suddenly realized: if you open a reading corner in the corner of the supermarket, will attract more people to boost the supermarket business? Say to do. I put the supermarket window corner out, put on a long table, in the four round on several folding chairs. I went to the post office again

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