To start the company’s 4 sales proposals must read

for the boss of start-up companies, to win the wealth, you need to sell your products or services, referred to the sale, you have to say sales skills. Many start-up companies can not rely on the sales team, resulting in poor sales results. The following are 4 sales recommendations for start-up companies:

1. change your mind.

by to ask questions, you may find your goal for people, the advantage of your solution where it is not so expensive, customer service is superior, or your products can make their life easier.

2.  after completion of the transaction, is still committed to providing added value to customers.

3.  value your potential customers.

these people are generally called sales potential customers, they can say exactly, a genuine problem solver, and the difference between a don’t really care about their problems, impatient sales staff. So do a part of the former, listen to customer expectations and solve their problems. The more you listen to what they want, not what you want to sell, the better your relationship will be.

4.  provide a suitable solution.

> as an entrepreneur, you need to

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