Xiamen set up a university innovation and entrepreneurship to guide the fund to help college student

Xiamen college students have new assistance, the day before, Xiamen established the university innovation and entrepreneurship for college students entrepreneurship guidance funds, funds will provide venture entrepreneurship students subsidies and interest free loans to a number of support project.

day, Xiamen yoyo joint, fun to enjoy science and technology combined with the major universities in the country set up a joint venture innovation and entrepreneurship fund in Xiamen. The fund for the national students, is committed to supporting the field of college students in the field of entrepreneurship, will provide interest free loans to the team, entrepreneurship subsidies, operational guidance and the latter market help docking, the first phase of the scale of 10 million yuan.

according to the introduction, the university innovation and entrepreneurship guidance fund will be "UUstar out" as the operational guidance platform, from two aspects of college students incubation support of venture capital and business platform, which is a nationwide campus promotion chain shop, the implementation of the national campus store chain operated.

The innovation and entrepreneurship

Xiamen for the graduates to guide the fund, the first phase will provide 10 million yuan of special funds for college graduates in the field of business entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship is committed to solve the financial problems of the electricity supplier in the field of College students.

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