What is the successful way to make a coffee shop

        open shop to find the project you, whether or not to see the coffee this project? Coffee is a favorite drink for many young people nowadays. Investment in the coffee industry, is absolutely profitable projects. But in order to successfully run a coffee shop, we must find the right way, skills, so as to open up a broader market, bring more lucrative returns.

        1  and opening a coffee shop, repeat customers are almost an important supporter of long-term stable operation and increased turnover. To keep coming back in addition to the material to enjoy, the products constantly updated, more important is the value added in the guest consumption, mainly in the guest consumption habits of understanding and respect for the guests, care, and stand in the position of the guests for the sake of the guests.

        2, the most intuitive performance of corporate culture is the spirit and cohesion of the enterprise, the enterprise culture is not a time to create the work, is the need for a long period of time and precipitation.

        3, traffic and guests per capita consumption directly determines the level of turnover, so to improve the turnover as to increase store traffic and improve the two franchise coffee consumption per capita guests to strengthen the training of service personnel selling skills and establish incentive mechanism. Coffee shop marketing activities have been carried out, but found little effect, open a coffee shop, exactly how to carry out the coffee shop marketing plan

        4, the purpose of the coffee shop marketing plan is nothing more than to improve the popularity of coffee shops, visibility, and promote coffee shop products, services…… First, we need to see whether the activities to adapt to the local market? Is it enough for consumers? There is no value, etc..

        5, in the activities of the coffee shop is to provide customer satisfaction with the products and services, if not the wasted effort not to say, and not up to the expected effect! Open a coffee shop, has a long-term stability characteristics and suitable for the business management model, innovation, progress in the development, so that competition has become a healthy competition, learn from each other, learn from innovation.

        how? Through the introduction of the operating method of the coffee shop, I believe you have some understanding of the above content, fast action bar, more coffee business methods waiting for you.

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