Online shop selling large size shoes earning 4000 yuan

online business success of a lot of people today, Xiaobian also introduced a bar. 2003, 21 year old trickling down with her boyfriend to Wuhan, due to restrictions on academic qualifications and other aspects, has been unable to find a favorite job, but learned to surf the internet. Later he bought a computer, and even on the broadband.

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" Taobao shop, is the most important to the beautiful photos. " trickling said, because the online customers can not see the kind, and can not try, they choose the only visual impression of the store is a store. Fortunately, a trickle of self taught advertising design, photography, image processing for her, it is not difficult, left shot, right shot, shoot, shoot, multi angle shot goods, is to allow customers to see more clearly the goods.

" probably not many people on the Internet in 2004