Thinking about the management of a bottle of liquid

restaurant management work to do a good job, increase the cohesion of the staff and the loyalty of the restaurant, or a small bottle of liquid gas may lead to resign, this is how the same thing? We can follow the Xiaobian together to look at.

a 80 new recruit to the middle of the night asking catering chef’s phone, said to resign, it has been 2 months since the shop third batch of employees resigned, second days, the boss had to request a temporary master to help.

Steamed food shop at the


Hexiangzhengqi liquid are the fault of the "evil"

More than 4 thousand

11 of Chongqing, have the breath of winter, and in the restaurant kitchen is still be in full swing, fire, oil, vegetables, Britain spoon…… A series of actions has let the chef and hot steamed perspiration comes down like raindrops, beside the oven in Everfount exudes its heat, temperature as summer temperatures in the kitchen.

"boss too stingy, do not know to buy Hexiangzhengqi liquid is, what to do in case of heatstroke?"

because of dissatisfaction with the boss’s welfare, so resigned.

"I gave them to eat to their wages, why should I give them other benefits, this part of welfare to go out, my cost is not increased."

As everyone knows the importance of

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