No money can also open the restaurant business trip

many entrepreneurs are starting to scratch the entrepreneurial story is very interested in the hope that one day they can start from scratch. Xu Yibing wrote the bare-handed now worth billions of business stories.

his "divine" is Chinese hotel industry recognized the best business hotel of. In 2003, suffering from SARS Stormstrike, Spain Chinese catering industry fell into a dilemma, but "China" in place, business is still very prosperous". In the textile city of Barcelona, Sabah Jerzy, "China" is a well-known local people, a Chinese restaurant, they love and trust in the Chinese restaurant.

"Shenzhou" hotel in Barcelona can also be regarded as a big hotel.

the lobby entrance, is a typical China Pavilion, cornices, red and green tiles column. A pavilion in the middle, wearing China ancient crown, dressed in robes of "king of Spain" and his "Princess" is to drink. The sound of wind and the traditional beam Rao, soft ethereal lighting on the booth, far from looking like a charming wine map. Moving "picture" seems to be telling people about the distant and ancient story of "China", which tells of the splendid and long food culture of china.

"color flavortastequot the China dishes conquered the world, it had countless times in the world cooking contest won the title, it is often the Chinese cuisine known as the world king of cooking. I think that if the Chinese cooking can really be called the king of the world’s cooking, then the young Xu Yibing can be regarded as Barcelona’s Chinese prince".

2003 September, Xu Yibing’s new hotel Marco Polo opened. This is the senior restaurant he alone. From design to construction, from lighting to color, from tableware to kitchenware, from wine to menu, from the staff to the selection and configuration of top management, to condense his efforts. Around above the lobby walls, along the year mark? The Baltic footprint, painted "Marco Polo?" depicts the world style paintings.

This is the famous painter Jose

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