Migrant workers return home entrepreneurship problems need to pay attention to the market

now the country are set off a tide of migrant workers returning home, at the same time, the state for some migrant workers entrepreneurs also gave a lot of support, so that the majority of migrant workers returning home for business all the time what should be paid attention to in the first?


A: how to get the most practical business information


5 years of precipitation, the village music successfully create a set of suitable for farmer entrepreneurship website structure, "agricultural policies and regulations" and "agricultural science and technology information two forum has become an important channel for the acquisition of practical business information for entrepreneurs, and on the business case of rural share has become an important means of rapid charging, ignite passion entrepreneurs. Open the village music website, you will find a number of entrepreneurial experience paste, always able to attract thousands of hits and many entrepreneurs thread discussion.


in the rural areas to better business? How to choose the right business direction is to answer?. In the rural entrepreneurs should make good use of the rural characteristics, grasp the advantages of vast territory and abundant resources in rural areas. And how to do business in line with local conditions, is the biggest problem facing each rural entrepreneurs.

this requires entrepreneurs to dig in the characteristics of rural areas, make good use of the local natural geography recommended

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