6 theories of nternet Entrepreneurship

there are a lot of people will be in the online business ideas, at the same time through the Internet startups often need to have some good social theory as the basis, then Xiaobian take you to see through the Internet business will need to pay attention to what theory.

shoe Theory:

there are numerous shoe factory in the world, making their own shoes, selling to their customers.

in the network, when a business has been doing, think of leather shoes theory, you will find that in most cases, even if there are so many people in the shoes, it doesn’t mean you can’t do shoes, others do Nike, you can not do Lining. What do Anta, if not well-known brand-name also sold well in the three line of the city.

if the other shoe in the money, then you also have the opportunity in the market share; if the other shoe companies are losing money, then you should try to make them lose money on their hands. The cost, products, services, channels, marketing do well, you have the opportunity to exceed existing competitors. Profitable business, often have a lot of people are doing business. If a business is the only thing you do, you may not be able to make money, so no one can see.

on the network, many people believe that, in the absence of VC, the company is losing money is normal, so one day with a huge VC, expand the scale, the national chain, it will certainly make money, then the company’s core team put the time and effort spent all kinds of investment manager. At this time, should think of the grocery store theory, if you run a small grocery store has been losing money, so if you do a global chain, you will lose more.

has removed those revolutionary technology companies (such as 3G, cloud computing, optical storage, etc), in most cases, a good company, or a good business model, if you can make money in a large range, then reduced to a small range to operate, also should make money the. This, despite the early need a small amount of initial capital and time allocation of personnel, hardware and software, but never put their hopes in the future with no reality whatever huge investment and global expansion. Immersed in the VC fantasy children, it is better to run a grocery store, will see more than VC.

Hukou paradox:

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