Suzhou industrial park fun venture

now in order to encourage entrepreneurship, there are many city all over the country are actively promoting entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship, held at the same time, some related activities, yesterday, held in Suzhou such a creative entrepreneurship contest open up a fresh outlook.

30 day, the first South of Jiangsu global hit off contest registration work in the Suzhou Industrial Park fiery. As a model of cooperation between China and Suzhou, the creation of Hakka culture in the industrial park is in full swing.

years later, returnees founder Liu Sheng itsunew technology from a little-known students venture enterprises, the rapid rise to become a force Chinese fusion communication industry.

"fun start" Suzhou Industrial Park is the master. Looking back over the past twenty-one years, the park is the epitome of the Chinese entrepreneurs have experienced the struggle and tenacity, leaving many entrepreneurs solid and clear footprints.

"in 2010, I was in the university teacher’s identity to negotiate a cooperation with relevant education. I live in the park for a month, I think the environment here is much better than Beijing. It’s easy to drive and the sun is shining." Zhang Guoxiang said that after he returned to his wife and children took over for a while, where the living environment attracted them.

2011 years to come to Suzhou Industrial Park, the first thing is to buy a house here, and then his wife and children come over. I was the first to buy a house, then start a business. In June 2012, I founded the Suzhou cross border Software Technology Co., ltd.." Zhang Guoxiang laughed and said he was pleased with the decision.

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