Qing Yan Hu soup bean powder Museum investment introduction

before the small series to introduce a clear Yan Hu soup bean powder museum this snack to join the project, many investors want to know the feedback fees, the snack fee is how much? What are the conditions? The following Xiaobian for everyone to introduce.

Qing Hu Hu soup has a set of perfect management system, unified management, unified operation procedures, uniform service standards, unified decoration form, unified facilities, training system. To break the old management methods, and quickly improve the management level, to achieve a virtuous cycle. With advanced management concepts and unique product advantages, in just a few years after the opening of more than forty enterprises to join; need to join the Qing feast spicy soup franchisee need to meet the following conditions to join.

1, site requirements: the store should be surrounded by commercial areas, hospitals, schools, living communities at least two densely populated areas. Which is the best business district and hospital. Need to ensure that there will be no demolition of the region in the short term, the impact of road construction and other traffic incident in front of the store.

2, area, staff requirements: the first floor of the store area of at least 150 square meters (not including the upstairs area), spacious and spacious best ‘main staff 3-5, including the waiter, the number of employees in about 18.

3, investment funds requirements: Qing Hu Hu Tang fee is 60 thousand -12 yuan. Basic equipment costs about 200 thousand yuan. Basic renovation costs (150 square meters of stores as an example) is about $180 thousand, exceeding the calculated per square meter by 1200 yuan.

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