Police chased more than half the amount of blood loss criminals

, a Ji’nan police arrest criminals in the prisoner was fierce stabbed, the police also determined blood road gangster pursuit. Then the police were sent to hospital for medical treatment, has been out of danger.

12 in the middle of the month, a number of robberies occurred in Ji’nan flyover district. Flyover police deployed elite police cracked. Through access to surveillance video around the scene with visits to the investigation, the panel identified a series of robberies for two young men, and mastered the physical characteristics of the two and may continue to several areas of crime, arrange the police searched the suspect packet 24 hours.

16 21:55, Tianqiao District Public Security Bureau police brigade tactical reconnaissance squadron of police Yao Peng and three colleagues visited the investigation in the vicinity of Ji’nan bus terminal, careful Yao Peng suddenly found two roadside walking pedestrians and robbery suspects physical characteristics very similar. With the sensitivity of the occupation, Yao Peng keenly aware of the two people may be arrested for many days they suspect.

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