Hongkong cold face innovation and entrepreneurship publicity

when the mainland is in full swing to carry out entrepreneurial activities, Hongkong does not seem to move. The fire did not burn to the business here. Why, as one of the most open cities in Asia, Hongkong people are reluctant to do poineering work?

2007, Zhao Jing came Hongkong, PhD at the Hong Kong Polytech University, when the mainland to Hongkong are also very few people, she said, he came to Hongkong, that ran to Hongkong is a mature economy, sound legal system, fair competition……


however, before Hongkong is precisely the advantage of the innovation and development now become a stumbling block.

"society generally believe that Hongkong has many advantages, such as a sound financial market, the legal system and developed communication, but compared with Shenzhen, Hongkong in the entrepreneurial innovation is backward," Chamber of Hong Kong listed companies chairman Liang Botao told I horse, "I was in Hongkong, I want to say nice things about Hongkong but I think it is not easy."

of course, Hongkong is also making a difference. For example, the establishment of the innovation and Technology Bureau, for example, held the first session of the Hongkong international festival.

2015 in May, the beginning of the first set of Hongkong International Festival Organizing Committee to do part-time work, responsible for some of the daily reception. She obviously felt that this year Hongkong entrepreneurial atmosphere becomes strong. Here, travel, Internet banking, intelligent hardware is becoming more entrepreneurial direction, here, Hongkong R & D technology, the mainland to do the production of supporting a consensus……

behind the Internet Era

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