Xiang Wang returned home to start a migrant workers blessed

encourages home business, not only to a nearby employment choice of returning personnel, when the venture to expand, to be able to bring home more labor to find jobs, fully practice the entrepreneurship "concept.

22 on Sept. 21, the 14th day of the first month of the Chinese lunar calendar, the rain started falling. Located in Xiangxiang city white town three village relocation Hunan Hunan king of agricultural science and technology development company racket and warm. A "village fairs open up a fresh outlook" is being held here. From the silibaxiang villagers to cover his misery on the registration form carefully fill in his name. Li Wen, chairman of the hometown of Hunan, told reporters, to fill in the registration form of the villagers have 98 people, as long as the candidates are willing to receive employment arrangements. "Go to work in the morning, at noon in the factory, at night," became a daily life of the portrayal of the people.

2012 in January, annual output value of 60 million yuan in the city of Hunan Furong district Changsha King Food Factory facing demolition, in the appeal of Xiangxiang municipal government capable of "home project", planned to invest in setting up factories in Liuyang Li Wen, decided to return to the hometown of entrepreneurship. Hunan king back home, a stone hit a thousand waves! Many migrant workers working outside of the hearing the rush about telling the news around spreading.

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