What are the factors that affect passers by into the store

entity store business is not good to do, if there are some adverse factors affecting the passers-by into the store, which will undoubtedly have more negative factors for the development of the business of the store. So, as the store owner who naturally need to circumvent these factors. So, what are the factors that affect passers-by into the shop?

1, ground water

shop on the ground floor of a pool of water, and even sewage, the brain will be around the normal passers-by, and will speed up the pace of walking. This time, the customer’s attention on how to bypass the beach water, will not pay attention to this is what shop.

2, over the water

may be the upper air conditioning dripping, perhaps the sewer drip, no matter how clean the water, passers-by do not want to have a drop of water on their own, so they will bypass and speed up the pace.

3, air conditioner external blower

The outdoor machine,

air conditioning cold winter, summer hot air blowing, blowing to anyone. Some stores in the installation of air conditioning, did not consider the details of the air conditioner outdoor unit directly in front of the road blowing, passers-by were blowing after: one would lead to accelerated away, will not stay in or into the store; the two is that this shop will not minded boss, bad character.

4, cleaning supplies door

all know that when the customer is present, the store can not clean, which is tantamount to the guests to go. In fact, the store’s various types of cleaning supplies, such as brooms and mops, stacked in the doorway, still have the effect of driving passers-by. After all, cleaning supplies are often the most dirty things in the store, the same reason, the trash can not put the door.

5, shop lights dim

If the

store light was very dim, or simply do not turn on the lights (and perhaps some bosses think that the day light is enough), after passers, subjective feeling will think this shop not angry no vitality, slack business, may be closed. As a result, the boss is a little money to save money, but drove away one after another customer. The shop lights should be warm and bright, showing the vitality in the shop.

6, the shop smell smell


store may breed some peculiar smell, musty smell, the smell of decoration materials, food spoilage taste, boss beans to eat more, while there are obvious smell from the store, passers-by smell after, what do you think? Do you feel good? Will you come in to find out the source?


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