Who is the richest 80 who take you into the life of a Xiamen

The economic status of

a person in our life and work is closely related to the degree, but also reflects the ability of a person, when many 80 still eating the old time, some 80 already have their own business. Who is the richest 80? Yesterday, Hurun Research Institute released the first "80 rich list", including the "rich list" and "start empty-handed 80 80 inherited wealth rich list" of two parts, the deadline for the August 15, 2016 list of wealth calculation. Wu Xinhong from the United States, Xiamen ranked among them.


Hu Run’s chief researcher Hu Run said, "the first generation entrepreneurs, honesty and diligence are the most important factors of entrepreneurship, but for these 80 entrepreneurs, innovation, integration of resources and speed is the most important."

list of self-made billionaires, the average age of 34 years old

in the 80 self-made rich list, the 21 successful entrepreneurs after 80 list, the total wealth of 159 billion 500 million yuan, the average wealth of $7 billion 600 million, the average age of 34 years old. The list basically in the IT industry, Didi, Mito, hungry Mody, jumei.com, founder of today’s headlines and cooperation among.

Yu woo handing the 36 year old Wang Qicheng and 35 year old Wu Yan and his wife became one of the richest tycoons to 24 billion 500 million yuan after the start empty-handed, Wu Yan is the only one on the list of female entrepreneurs.

Xiamen Mito Wu Xinhong ranked

Wu Xinhong Xiamen is also the only one in Fujian to enter the scratch list. In 2008, Wu Xinhong and in the United States founded the company in Xiamen, has now become the pride of Xiamen. Currently, Mito mobile terminal products worldwide coverage of the number of devices has more than 1 billion units. Wu Xinhong personal wealth of 5 billion 200 million yuan this year, ranked the country garden city of, the National Park of the world, ·, Hurun rich list of the top 754th, in the 80 self-made billionaires list ranked in the top eleventh.

Wang Sicong ranked fortune rich list 11

"80 inherited wealth rich list", the personal wealth of more than 5 billion yuan and has 13 Successors, in the Pacific (601099 shares) and the construction of the Yan Hao garden led by Yang Huiyan, the Yan Hao family wealth of 100 billion yuan, Yang Huiyan’s wealth is 48 billion 500 million yuan, Fujian Daly food Xu Yangyang ranked third the wealth of 18 billion yuan. Wanda Wang Sicong to 6 billion yuan ranked in the Eleventh place.


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