mproper moonlight smart woman to save money nine strokes

this year, wages do not rise, prices rise up one, from shampoo, hair conditioner to moisturizing lotion, from water and electricity to gasoline, from the price to rent, all in the rose up up up up up! Is this save or take the initiative? Smart  woman; smart  money! Clever 9 strokes, easy to say goodbye to the moonlight!

A, nine in the evening to go to the supermarket

many supermarket fruit, salad, cakes, cooked food, bakery and some fresh bread, will start in 9 discount at night, the price may be less than half of the label, but quality is not discounted oh ~

two, society rebate network

now which the sisters not online shopping! But do you know what is the most economical way to buy online? Of course, the rebate network, go to Taobao, Tmall, and other hundreds of stores to buy things can automatically return cash, up to more than 50%! Equal to earn their own rebate, and even buy site like the United States, the public comment god horse can return, is not super cost-effective!

three, the morning of the cheapest tickets

four, must look at the discounted

filmOf course,

check list

six, joint credit cards let you take side side to earn

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