Open a pizza shop need to understand the shop note

pizza as a Western delicacy, can be said to China since entering in the last century, in the domestic industry and the market is among the delicacy delicacy is very popular, and in many places at home can see the pizza shop, so now is what are needed to open a make the pizza?

knowAt present, the rise of

means specially remind and other leisure restaurant restaurants, need to apply for business licenses, health permits, tax registration certificate, more than 150 shops need for flat fire protection license. Specific questions I recommend to the local industrial and commercial advice, specific license in different places for a certain distinction, such as the Guangdong area had to do the sewage, some places do not need to apply for the permit.


now open a pizzeria in preparing a lot of things should be well prepared in advance, such as a market research, is a very important link, including the choice of locationgood is one of the most important links.


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