Guangdong All people belong to one family Youth nnovation and Entrepreneurship Forum

now the whole society, the number of young entrepreneurs increase constantly, at the same time for some young entrepreneurs, some entrepreneurial experience exchange in fact is particularly important, "Guangdong All people belong to one family. Youth Innovation and Entrepreneurship Forum" held in Guangzhou recently.

22, by the Guangdong Provincial Youth Federation, the Hongkong Association of new homes, Guangdong province will promote the cooperation between Guangdong and Hong Kong, sponsored by the Guangdong rising Assets Management Co.,   "youth. All people belong to one family. concentric circle" Guangdong Hong Kong Youth Forum of innovation and entrepreneurship in the Baiyun International Conference Center held, including the new   Hong Kong and minorities, youth and youth representatives and senior elite youth workers, more than 500 Hongkong youth delegation to participate in innovation and entrepreneurship.

Hong Kong enterprises entrepreneurship

"now the public business, the innovation has become the tide of the times, the Hongkong Youth Innovation and entrepreneurship is more broad space."   Xu Rongmao said, compared to other places, Guangdong and Hongkong have a relationship of mutual support, be closely related and mutually dependent, Guangdong is the ideal place Hong Kong enterprises business, while Hongkong has close relations with Guangdong.

when entrepreneurship has become a fashion, young entrepreneurial opportunity is what time? Scene, Guangdong and Hong Kong Exchanges with experts. Guangdong youth entrepreneur Ma Shuo said that young people want to start a business, the University was at that time. Xu Rongmao believes that the best time to start is now. Entrepreneurial environment is now so good, you want to start the business must act quickly, and already in the business, but also to pay close attention to promoting."

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