Four points should be kept in mind to open dry cleaners

many friends are optimistic about the dry cleaning industry, there are plans to open dry cleaners. However, due to the dry cleaners are not very aware of the notice, so many people have been afraid to open dry cleaners. So, open dry cleaners need to pay attention to what matters? Do you have any good suggestions? Now Xiaobian take you to look at the four major attention to dry cleaners.

1, increase awareness of dry cleaning

2, capital preparation

to open a shop, you can not think of how much money to prepare to losses for the long time, the reasons are as follows:

3, specialization, laundry technology

after hiring professional laundry staff, a dry cleaning business is good or bad, the staff is always one of the key factors. Washing clothes, including the distinction between dry washing, know how to stain, know how to master the dry cleaning, washing equipment, etc.; ironing level directly reflects the level of the operator, said the rationale for

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