A successful entrepreneur to share with you my WeChat operating experience

to share with you my successful experience, I hope to give you more help entrepreneurs. As a continuous entrepreneur, in the past ten years, I have successfully created a company of the three, now in their respective areas have achieved good results, of course, have also experienced many lessons of failure.

The process of

we first aimed at the WeChat public platform, September 2013, "child education network" WeChat public account officially launched. In the absence of any business promotion, the amount of our fans in four months to reach a total of 60 thousand, is still maintained every day thousands of new fans growth, has reached the mark of one hundred thousand. I would like to share some of the experience in the operation of the WeChat and share.

A, about

we started after a detailed analysis, with the increase of Chinese child, child character, intellectual development, health has become the focus of attention of the parents. Therefore, parents have access to educational information is an urgent desire for this segment of the market, we created the children’s education network, and has always been committed to becoming the first platform for mobile Internet Education for children. At the same time, we have a clear idea of our business: "education is a happy thing for children, our content must be the dissemination of positive energy, while giving users different values".

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