College roommate choose their own universities in Henan can be an independent online election room

is the arrival of a graduation season, a lot of students are going to the field, the stage of College career. Many of the students have not been to school before, this time to enter the school can be said to be a new start. Henan to efficient, the introduction of more humane measures, so that students can choose their own roommate. University roommate choose their own, Henan, a university can be online independent election room, you choose it?

Zhongyuan University of Technology in Henan this year will launch a new undergraduate online independent election room system, the system was officially opened in September 1st. That is to say, you can bring your own buddy or bestie "group" election, but men and women do not mix.

is reported that the new election room only for the South Campus (Xinzheng, Longhu campus) undergraduate freshmen, in order to class, professional, college, the relative concentration of the principle of grade. From September 1st to 3, the new 18:00 login Zhongyuan University of Technology digital logistics service hall, select "new housing system", and carefully review "2016 freshmen self selected guide" (August 31st published online), and then choose their own dormitory within the prescribed scope. Not the election of the new housing will be automatically assigned by the system.

Zhongyuan University of Technology broadcasting and hosting professional freshmen Sharon Yeung has now met each other through the QQ group of freshmen, is looking for a "eye" roommate. Online selection of dormitories, I feel very strange, the school gave us a lot of autonomy of students, can better let new students know each other, very humane." Sharon Yeung said.

of Zhongyuan University of Technology according to the relevant person in charge, the implementation of students’ dormitory is selected in order to better serve the students, simplify work processes, improve the efficiency of new reception work, highlight the "people-oriented" concept. Each freshman only one election room opportunity, in principle, not change. If there are special circumstances, after the birth of the new report, according to the actual situation of freshmen accommodation, and then micro adjustment.

in the continuous changes in society, our education model is constantly trying new reform measures. Of course it will involve students in all aspects of life, the Henan Zhongyuan University of Technology, his college roommate, online self selected, you love what type of buddy, and you spent four years of time?

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