Young people to join the convenience store need to pay attention to what the whole

for business with a small capital entrepreneurs, we choose to join the venture project, the first step is our success. So, venture to choose to join the convenience store?

South Korea, Mr. Wu in 2011 operating in Seoul to join a convenience store. Although there is no enough work to pay for the use of Mr. Wu borrowed from his father’s 300 thousand pension as the principal. It’s been 2 years since the opening of a new convenience store across the street. Even the work did not please himself 24 hours of operation, but the rent, electricity after deducting operating deficits instead. Wu can not support the operation of 1 years before the expiration of the contract, but he decided to graduate, but the headquarters said: the contract period of less than 5 years to pay liquidated damages of 28 million won (about RMB 200 thousand)."

employment difficulties of the 20.30 generation of young people flocked to join the convenience store business, the issue of the pain of the business operators of young people are growing pains.

according to the South Korean convenience store association data show that by the end of last year as the standard, the country’s 10 stores to join the convenience of the by the 20,30 generation of young shopkeepers. In the young group to provide entrepreneurial capital support and minimum income guarantee ‘after the introduction of the policy of convenience stores this year, the 20,30 generation of shopkeepers compared with last year, respectively, an increase of 17.4% and 23.1%.

there is no way to find the work of young groups like this influx of convenience store business is due to an average of 50 million won (about RMB 300 thousand) of the low cost of entrepreneurship. Taking into account the average cost of investment in other industries is about 200 million yuan (about RMB 1 million 200 thousand yuan), compared to the convenience store to find a better project is very difficult. This in order to help find the work of children can not afford to work out some parents even took out a pension.

but in fact many of the young shopkeepers who run the business are in deficit. A convenient franchise shop owner said: "due to operational difficulties and complaints consultation owner 3 2 20,30 generation of young owners", "entrepreneurial 1~2 years graduation young shopkeepers have a sharply increasing trend.

causes of this phenomenon is due to the majority of convenience store brand competition in a business are caught in a bitter fight with up to 70% of the possible sales of expensive stores commission. There is also a large number of young shopkeepers because of lack of funds in the cheap rent residential area near the small shop is also a reason.

it’s not easy even if the business is bad. After listening to the convenience store headquarters staff, then at least 5 million yuan per month (about $30 thousand) to protect the revenue and was attracted to open a shop, but 1>

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