What are the restaurant business success skills

although the restaurant is currently facing a very big risk, business is not good to do. However, if you can master certain business skills, business can also be successful. So, what are the successful business skills? Let small make up a few simple for you.

1, to control the taste of food taboo.

ed bear Chinese company closed down because the United States headquarters to stop the supply of snow capped snow beer products, he did not develop the ability to collapse. Do food and beverage, taste this must pass, even if he will not do, but the mouth must Diao, at least to find a good cook ability to have. Want to do a good job to think about their own food can not control the taste, at least not to be said to be delicious.

2, site selection, with a good taste, plus a good site, the basic success of half.

how to do their own site, analysis of store products, analysis of the main consumer groups are what people, middle aged, or young people, or a girl, or students, couples, or the proportion of workers in their respective numbers, the per capita consumption is how much money. Find a few restaurants that are similar to the ones you want to run.

What are the characteristics of a good

business, what is the characteristics of poor business. Half an hour before the passenger flow is the number of people, what is the flow of people at noon in the afternoon, what is the peak period of the sale of these shops, there are many people spend. How much water is running. What is the difference between seasons?

If the

survey finished, you can own the characteristics of the project, for example, in what location, many large stores, according to passenger flow are analyzed, we can know the shop one day about how much water is. But also specific analysis of specific circumstances.

3, shop pre simulation.

since the early work done a lot, according to their budget, the cost of a possible decomposition, the number of links need to invest. For example, the rent, you can only put 40 thousand, it will be based on the budget of the house to go to 40 thousand, because the preliminary investigation, but also probably know what the price. For example, obviously less than 100 square meters of rent, can not be done in accordance with the plan of 100 square meters, dining area to account for much of the area, how many seats.

the number of staff wages in the store how much, how much food costs, breakeven point is how much? For example, 2000, a day to sell only to protect the capital, it should be considered to be able to do so much, you have to check the same area of the store has not so much water in the 2000. Others certainly tried, you may not be able to surpass others.

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