Shantou University held rowing to Hongkong

in the Lantern Festival, Shantou University in Guangdong held a boat race to open up a fresh outlook, Shantou University teachers and students together with the rowing force, starting from Shantou, to Hongkong, the event was organised, brought a motion of the power to the people, so that students can get exercise at the same time, won the people’s attention.

2 month 11 days to 19 days, Shantou University ocean rowing project formally implemented, the 11 day journey from Shantou port, 20 rowers in two R45 ocean rowing (Hanna and Jasmine) on the relay row is about 640 kilometers, through Nan’ao, Huilai, Haifeng, Huidong and Shenzhen, is expected to arrive in Hongkong harbour grand Kowloon Chuo Hotel pier on the 19 day, during the period of "Yanping No. 2" expedition ship will be on Shantou to Hongkong sea turtle channel ecological monitoring.

of the Shantou to Hongkong Shantou rowing team consists of 41 members, in addition to the selection of training through the layers of winning 20 students and 6 rowers, expedition group students, 2 students and 4 advocacy group, logistical support and teacher team doctor 1. In addition, single rowing across the Atlantic Guinness world record holder in the British Charlie Pitcher 5 British professional marine rowing coach on the tour guide and rower security, and 3 professional photographers accompanying record.

the Shantou University held rowing to Hongkong, received a warm response from the majority of teachers and students, we are actively involved in the activities held in the at the same time, also pay attention to safety, as much as possible so that the children can feel the movement to bring happiness, and enhance the communication between students and teachers.

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