How to join ghebru steak seafood buffet

exchange of eastern and Western civilizations have made some of the consumer no national boundaries, such as what to the global Chinese brand, but also what western steak, because demand slowly without international restrictions, these projects are slowly Western-style food brand is accepted. Some entrepreneurs want to run the restaurant, ghebru steak and seafood buffet is a good choice. Ghebru steak seafood join not only has brought us a healthy and delicious steak, can give customers good visual enjoyment. So how to join ghebru steak and seafood buffet? Here to introduce you.

how to join ghebru steak and seafood buffet

ghebru steak Seafood Buffet procedure:

1, to join the advisory query and telephone consultation, reading ghebru steak manual;

2, join the interview at headquarters, and communication and communication;

3, submit the relevant materials to the headquarters;

4, headquarters to see the franchisee qualifications;

5, signed a contract to negotiate, and signed a contract;

6, field trips and proposed program headquarters sent to the store location for field trips, according to the local situation program store;

7, urging the renovation and delivery of equipment headquarters to urge the renovation, delivery of equipment and materials;

8, the practice of the headquarters of the Department to send special staff to join the staff training;

9, franchise stores opened by the headquarters staff experience new store opening;

10, tracking and supervision of the headquarters of the store to check and evaluation, and puts forward the experience, in order to join the strength of the store.

ghebru steak Seafood Buffet jiamengfei single investment amount in 50-100 million yuan. Under the background of popular Western-style food, timely seize the opportunity, join ghebru steak, will be able to gain profit and not a small role. Ghebru steak, unlimited items must be able to return without the advantage of reward and wealth


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