Join Chun konwin electronics LED light how net

lighting market, presumably we all know, very hot market. In fact, the choice of small businesses to join the lighting market, is also a very business choice is not it? I heard that the company has joined the project, is very good. High quality entrepreneurial projects, the first step in the success of entrepreneurship!

Chun light macro LED lamp has a more powerful domestic market operations and management team, sales channels extending in all directions, product sales lead peers. Join Jun light macro electronic LED lamp, the strength is guaranteed.

brand advantage: Suzhou Chun Guang Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is one of the ten most influential brands in the field of LED, the products are sold at home and abroad, in the minds of consumers reputation.

headquarters advantage: headquarters is located in the beautiful and rich Yangtze River Delta Economic Development Zone, Suzhou, South of Jiangsu, China is also the center of the service outsourcing industry zone in Jiangsu.

technical advantages: a number of technologies have been declared national patents, so that products continue to upgrade, to ensure that the market in the long term to maintain a leading position.

sales advantage: Suzhou Chun Hong Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. has the most powerful market operation and management team, sales channels extending in all directions.

industry advantages: China’s lighting industry, the scale of growth in the forefront of the industry, LED technology led force, the traditional incandescent lamp, energy-saving lamps in the comprehensive replacement, unlimited business opportunities, great potential for development.

threshold advantage: no need for expensive equipment and other inputs, labor intensity is small, unemployed owners, laid-off workers can be re employed, the incumbent can make use of spare time production, free time, convenient management.

policy advantage: the strong support of the development of the LED industry, to provide a number of concessions, including loans, tax relief, the release of the policy, so that investors are a smooth operation.

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