Joint initiative call over drugs at work issues

first_img Previous Article Next Article Businesses and trade unions are being urged to work together to put intoplace more effective anti-drug policies in the workplace. The Government initiative is tied into work already under way by the HSE toestablish the scale and impact of drug misuse on health and safety at work. Keith Hellawell, the Government’s anti-drugs “tsar”, told anemployers’ conference in February, “An effective policy can’t just beinstigated by management. It needs to be a consensus between unions, workforceand management. “We want to encourage an approach which offers support, encouragementand counselling to those who are misusing drugs.” But Graham Johnson, professional development manager at MTL Medical Serviceswarned against a knee-jerk reaction. Businesses needed to be sure they had thought through why they wanted ananti-drugs policy. “The policy needs to be evidence-based. Businesses needto be advised correctly,” he said. Comments are closed. Related posts:No related photos. Joint initiative call over drugs at work issuesOn 1 Apr 2001 in Personnel Todaylast_img read more

Communications staff lack crucial HR skills

first_imgCommunications staff lack crucial HR skillsOn 17 Jul 2001 in Personnel Today Related posts:No related photos. Few internal communications specialists have an HR background or relevantqualifications. The finding, in a report by Business Intelligence, shows that only 10 percent have HR experience and only 15 per cent are fully qualified with relevantprofessional qualifications. Transforming Internal Communication claims that this compares to 50 per centof overseas companies. Most people moving into the sector have joined from other professions,including 26 per cent from marketing and 22 per cent from public relations orjournalism. The study claims that internal communications staff need skills inareas other than writing, communication and research. An understanding of internal communications practice, strategic thinking andchange management are also essential skills, claims the study. Internalcommunications staff must be able to understand business and strategic issuesquickly and explain them to a wider audience. Gavin Green, director of communications for Land Rover, commented on theresearch, “Internal communications is such an involved area. Traditionallyit has been done by HR but if you are dealing with a company newspaper ormagazine I would argue that the major skills required are journalism andcommunication skills. “You do need more than those skills. You need a strategy to getemployees onside. The major factor here is that you need to understand youraudience,” said Green. Simon Lancaster, director of publishing at Business Intelligence, commented,”An internal communications strategy, tailor-made to support corporategoals and developed by skilled communication professionals, is critical tobusiness success. The research surveyed internal communication professionals in over 100public and private sector organisations. Previous Article Next Article Comments are closed. last_img read more

Maternal investment in Antarctic fur seals: evidence for equality in the sexes?

first_imgStudies of the otariids (fur seals and sea lions), a highly sexually dimorphic group, have provided conflicting evidence of differential maternal expenditure in male and female offspring and, thus, suggestions that they conform to predictions of investment theory are equivocal. Since the mid-1970s, a diversity of research on Antarctic fur seals (Arctocephalus gazella) including studies of their reproductive ecology, lactation energetics, and foraging behaviour have been conducted at Bird Island, South Georgia that have resulted in one of the more complete and diverse data sets for any species of otariid. These long-term data were reviewed to determine whether there was any evidence to support that differential maternal expenditure occurred in Antarctic fur seals. Most of the data examined were collected during five consecutive austral summers from 1988 through 1992 and included years in which local food resources were abundant and scarce. We were unable to detect differences in the sex ratios of pups at birth or sex-biased differences in growth rates estimated from serial data, the number of foraging trips made, the duration of attendance ashore, diving behaviour, suckling behaviour, or milk consumption in any year and in the duration of foraging trips or age at weaning in 2 of 3 years. In addition, we found no evidence of greater reproductive costs between mothers with sons or daughters relative to their reproductive performance the following year. In contrast, sex-biased differences were only found in the duration of foraging trips in 1990, the age at weaning in 1988, and consistently in growth rates estimated from cross-sectional data. We suggest that differential maternal expenditure does not occur in Antarctic fur seals because male pups probably do not gain greater benefit from additional maternal expenditure than female pups. After weaning, males experience a period of rapid juvenile growth over 3–4 years during which time body mass nearly trebles. This growth will almost certainly be dependent upon available food resources then rather than on any maternal expenditure received over the first 4 months of life and, thus, the assumptions of the Trivers and Willard hypothesis are probably invalid for Antarctic fur seals.last_img read more

Proposed Bod depository will ruin dreaming spires

first_imgby Debbie DanceO n Tuesday, Oxford City Council will consider an application from Oxford University for its new library depository, which it hopes to site on the western edge of Oxford on the low-lying land which leads up to the River Thames. From here, too, the views of the ‘dreaming spires’ immortalised in the paintings of J M W Turner and the poetry of Matthew Arnold can be seen. Permission is close to being granted, however shocking and surprising this might seem. What is proposed is essentially a huge warehouse in the foreground of the view, standing up above the City Council’s upper height limit of 18.2 metres in some parts, and showing blank inward-looking windowless walls to house the automated book stacks inside.By employing sophisticated techniques, the University can use photographs and computer generated images to demonstrate that the new warehouse will have little impact on the view, an experience which Bodley’s Librarian describes as akin to looking for Wally in a Where’s Wally cartoon book in a recent article in The Oxford Magazine (2nd Week Michaelmas).  Their architects have added some works of mitigation, just in case, which take the form of a curved roofline, tree planting and colouring the building green.  In our view, Councillors and others have been persuaded falsely by the University.  This building will not be fine, and will appear as much larger and more prominent than is being suggested, drawing the eye and incongruous in the landscape.  We do not dispute that a new Depository is necessary for a University of such world-class status.  We are told that there are no other available sites, and it must go here.  However, we cannot agree, this is not a suitable site for such a building whatever the techniques used to disguise it. This site is in the views and on the edge of the low lying flood plain which was the subject of the extraordinary floods this summer.The Trust has tried calling on the University and Colleges to get together and think again over this. We have not been successful. What legacy that in the 21st century that the University acts in such a negative way in damaging the very views of Oxford that it has created over 700 years, and in which the Radcliffe Camera and Bodleian Library have played such a significant part.”Debbie Dance is Director of the Oxford Preservation Trust, which owns owns over 600 acres of land in and around the City. Further details and images are available on the Oxford Preservation Trust website at is not responsible for the content of external links.last_img read more

O.C. Summer Recreation Program Registration Begins May 1

first_imgRegistration for Ocean City’s summer recreation programs for people of all ages opens on Wednesday, May 1.The brochure of programs is at are offered in the arts, academics and athletics. Participants are encouraged to follow this procedure to register:Browse the brochure of 2019 summer recreation programs.Register for a free online Community Pass account (or sign on to existing account) by following the link at up for programs from home when online registration opens at 9 a.m. Wednesday, May 1.Registration will also be available in person at the Ocean City Sports and Civic Center (at Sixth Street and Boardwalk) or at the Ocean City Aquatic and Fitness Center (17th Street and Simpson Avenue) at the same time.Available programs cater to a wide range of ages (tots to adults) and interests. Please do not register unless you’re sure you plan to participate. No refunds will be given after a program begins. Registration will remain open throughout the summer schedule.For more information, call the Ocean City Recreation Department at 609-525-9304. Skateboarding is part of Ocean City’s summer recreation program. (Photo courtesy Jaime Pustizzi)last_img read more

Christmas sales “not a disaster” says BRC director

first_imgUK food retailers saw slow-moving sales during the festive period, with a marginal 0.3% increase in like-for-likes (LFLs), the British Retail Consortium (BRC) has revealed.The latest results for the month, as revealed in the BRC-KPMG Retail Sales Monitor published today, highlighted a slight rise in LFLs, compared to a 2.2% lift on the preceding year. Total sales grew 1.5% last month, in comparison to 4.1% in December 2011.The BRC said the discrepancy between the rate of growth for food and non-food has been narrowing in recent months to the detriment of food.Helen Dickinson, new director general at the BRC, said: “Against the relentlessly tough economic backdrop and low expectations, these results are not a cause for celebration, but not a disaster either. Total growth for December hasn’t beaten inflation and is only on a par with December 2010, when severe weather put sales volumes on ice for much of the month.“Online was the stand-out performer, showing its highest rate of growth this year. Shoppers are increasingly taking advantage of the convenience that online shopping offers at every stage of the customer journey, from comparing prices to reserving and collecting in-store.”Online sales experienced a 17.8% rise the BRC revealed, which is the fastest growth since December 2011 when they had risen by 18.5%.David McCorquodale, head of retail, KPMG, said: “A flat end to a flat year is perhaps the best way to describe the Christmas trading for 2012. Retailers this year were perhaps better prepared for a sluggish quarter and held less stock throughout. The stand-off between retailers and consumers looking for bargains and discounts continued throughout December and, while some retailers will report record Christmas sales, most will breathe a sigh of relief because it could have been much worse.”He added that January will be a tough month for retailers as consumers face up to their credit card bills after Christmas, and consumer confidence will remain low, making life difficult for the average UK retailer.Dickinson added: “This rather underwhelming result brings a year of minimal sales growth to a close. Retailers will be hoping that a continuing boost from post-Christmas sales events strengthens January’s figures but, unfortunately, there are few signs that their sense of ‘running fast to stand still’ is likely to ease off any time soon.”last_img read more

Erykah Badu and Snarky Puppy’s Cory Henry Team Up For New York Times Live Performance

first_imgWith her upcoming hosting gig for the BET Soul Train Awards show this Sunday, Nov. 27th, soul singer Erykah Badu performed a short set for The New York Times that can be seen below. Joining her for the performance of “On and On,” and “Time’s A Wastin’” were Snarky Puppy keyboardist Cory Henry and long-time collaborator Rashad Smith on drum machine.Following the brief performance, Badu fielded some questions from an online audience before the short, impromptu session ended. The singer was her usual, eclectic self while answering questions about her work space when she gets creative, the gold floss that was hanging from her teeth during the performance, what artists she is currently listening to, her love of folk music (Crosby, Still, Nash & Young and Joni Mitchell, in particular) and her thoughts on doing more activism during times of turmoil and negativity.[via Okayplayer]last_img read more

Kinky Boots Star Stark Sands Looks Back on His ‘Life-Changing, Invigorating and Exhausting’ Year in Heels

first_imgIn the corporate world, employees leaving a job are asked to sit through a sometimes exhausting “exit interview” with HR about their time at the company. Although that concept doesn’t exist for Broadway performers, we think it’s fun to check in with stars as they finish up a successful run. Tony nominee star Stark Sands is about to unzip his six-inch heels for good as he departs the Tony and Audience Choice Award-winning musical Kinky Boots on January 26. As he says goodbye to his Kinky pals, Sands reveals how Cyndi Lauper taught him how to “cut a vein” and why Annaleigh Ashford’s fearlessness tightened his comedic chops. Employee Name: Stark Sands Annaleigh Ashford Kinky Boots Stark Sands How do you feel now that you’re leaving the job? I’m leaving after a year of performances (counting the Chicago run), and I still absolutely love doing the job. So I’m sad. But I think it’s important to walk away while you still love doing it—before you reach your saturation point. I’d much rather have mixed emotions about the end of my run than be only excited or relieved to depart. What are three words you would use to describe your experience at the job? Invigorating. Exhausting. Life-changing. Job You’re Leaving: Charlie Price in Kinky Boots What was the highlight of your time at the job? I think it’s the little things—the moments you can’t plan for and the times you just crack up onstage. Ellyn [Marie Marsh] not having her shoe rack and having to pile all the shoes up in her arms a la I Love Lucy; Annaleigh accidentally saying “Don really rose to the equation”; Billy [Porter]’s heel breaking right before “Sex Is In The Heel” and having to ad-lib lines to cover for it, and then effortlessly changing shoes in the middle of the dance break; the time there was huge, ominous thunder right after Jen handed me the sparkly, finished boots and said “…Well?”, and we all looked up into the rafters like the sky was going to fall on us; I could go on and on. Those are the things you remember most. What was the hardest thing about the job? The level of absolute commitment—not just my energy, but my time and my focus. It can be all-consuming. Related Shows How do you think you’ve grown during your time at the job? Well I grew six inches taller every night, at least for the finale. But really, I think anytime you dive into something for such an extended period of time, you become a better performer across the board. I know I’m a better singer now than I was when we started this. My range and control have come a long way, and I’ve learned so much just from singing with Billy. I also think my comedic chops have sharpened a bit, thanks to Annaleigh—she has a fearlessness that’s inspiring. And Cyndi probably pushed me harder than anyone I’ve ever worked for. Even though it was tough at the beginning, I really owe her. I’m a different singer than I was before. She taught me how to “cut a vein.”center_img What was the easiest thing about the job? Having fun. With a cast, company, creative team, and material like ours, it’s impossible not to enjoy this. Even when we’re tired or worn out, the show just lifts us up. What advice would you give to future employees in your job position? We luckily have our very own Andy Kelso taking over on January 27, and he’s been an employee of “the factory” since the beginning. I’m so excited for him to sink his teeth into this role, and I can’t wait to see it for myself. He already knows this, but future Charlies will discover that the trick to the job is to win over the audience in Act I and really get them on your side, so that in Act II when you push Lola and the factory workers away, you manage to keep the audience with you. It’s an incredibly delicate maneuver. What will you miss most about the job? I’ll miss the company. The cast, the crew, the band, the creatives, the stage management, company management, everyone involved. I have been so lucky to be a part of such a wonderful, loving supportive “family,” and I’ll be popping by and visiting often. Star Files View Comments What skills do you think are required for future job applicants? Patience, focus, and balance. It takes awhile to get a handle on the responsibilities of this role, and to learn the subtle adjustments you have to make from night to night depending on the audience. Also walking in six-inch heels. Show Closed This production ended its run on April 7, 2019 Why are you leaving the job? I miss my wife. She’s been an incredible bastion of support and encouragement through this whole experience, and has made huge sacrifices in the name of my career. It’s time to hang up my heels and spend some good time hanging out with my best friend. How did you feel when you first got the job? Really excited and a little terrified.last_img read more

Christopher Durang’s Beyond Therapy Opens Off-Broadway

first_imgIs laughter really the best medicine? Audiences will soon find out as the first New York revival of Christopher Durang’s Beyond Therapy opens off-Broadway on March 25. The comedy will play through April 19 at the Beckett Theatre at Theatre Row. Beyond Therapy is about the search for a meaningful relationship in an insane world. Prudence and Bruce are two urbanites seeking romance with the help of their psychiatrists, each of whom suggests the patients try personal ads. Discovering that the therapists may be more disturbed than Prudence and Bruce, complications ensue. Related Shows Beyond Therapy View Comments Show Closed This production ended its run on April 19, 2014 Beyond Therapy is directed by Scott Alan Evans and stars Mark Alhadeff, Cynthia Darlow, Jeffrey C. Hawkins, Liv Rooth, Karl Kenzler and Michael Schantz.last_img read more

Costa Rica Creates Antivenin For Three Nigerian Snakes

first_imgBy Dialogo April 16, 2009 Costa Rica has created an antivenin serum to combat the venom of three Nigerian serpents which bite a total of 150,000 people a year, official sources told Efe today. Yamileth Angulo, director of the state institute “Clodomiro Picado” (Instituto Clodomiro Picado), which produces these kinds of sera, told Efe that Costa Rica will send Nigeria a total of 20,000 bottles of antidote for the poison of three African snake species: echis ocellatus, bitis arietans, and naja nigricollis. Two to three of these bottles are used per patient, depending on the severity of each case, Angulo said. The researcher explained that the project is part of a World Health Organization (WHO) program to provide Africa with antidotes for snake bites, which are a problem that in that continent affects half a million people, among which 20,000 cases are fatal. In 2001, the WHO called on countries producing antivenin to offer their services at low cost to the African continent. Following this, Instituto Clodomiro Picado joined the working group Echitab, formed by the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine (United Kingdom) and the Ministry of Health in Nigeria. “Because there are no such snakes here, the Liverpool laboratory sent us a sample of their venom, with which we created the serum,” said Angulo. The researcher stressed that to test the antidote, a clinical study was developed in Nigeria “in which 400 people, one of the largest medical samples in the case of snake venoms, participated.” The study used two different antidotes, one created by the Instituto Clodomiro Picado and the other by Micropharen, an English company, and both sera passed the test successfully. “The idea is to sell inexpensive antidote to the Nigerian government so the doses can reach the largest possible number of patients,” Angulo emphasized. The doctor stated that the serum was prepared in six months, but the study took two years because, after the clinical study in Nigeria, a preclinical examination and analysis of the results were required. According to the specialist, now the antidote “is ready, so at the middle or end of the year the first samples could be exported to the African country.” At first, the antivenin will be used in Nigeria, but Angulo did not rule out that in the future it could be provided to other African countries where these snakes live. Instituto Clodomiro Picado, a branch of the University of Costa Rica, was established in 1970 to develop antivenin for snake bites, and currently exports its products to various parts of the world, including Africa, Japan, and Taiwan.last_img read more