INS Kamorta to Join the Indian Navy in July

first_img View post tag: July View post tag: asia View post tag: Indian Navy INS Kamorta, the first indigenous anti-submarine corvette as well as the first indigenous stealth corvette built by India, is expected to join the Indian Navy late next month. The vessel, which was designed and manufactured by Garden Reach Shipbuilders and Engineers Ltd (GRSE), Kolkata, has a length of 109 metres, is nearly 13 metres wide and has an approximate displacement of 3400 tons. The vessel is powered by 3888 KW diesel engines and can reach a maximum speed of 25 knots.GRSE, which started building Kamorta in 2010, is now conducting final trials and test of the vessel. After the trials Kamorta will sail to Vishakhapatnam to join the Eastern Naval fleet.The vessel is the first of four anti-submarine Kamorta-class stealth corvettes being built for the Indian Navy under Project-28.According to The Statesman, GRSE  is currently working on the remaining three corvettes Kadmatt, Kiltan and Kavaratti.[mappress]Naval Today Staff, June 30, 2014; Image: GRSE Authorities View post tag: News by topic June 30, 2014 View post tag: Naval Back to overview,Home naval-today INS Kamorta to Join the Indian Navy in July INS Kamorta to Join the Indian Navy in July View post tag: Defence View post tag: INS Kamorta View post tag: Navy Share this articlelast_img read more

Damen submits tender for 12 Australian OPVs

first_img Damen Shipyards Group has submitted a tender for the SEA 1180 Phase 1 Project to deliver twelve Offshore Patrol Vessels to the Royal Australian Navy. To demonstrate its commitment to on time and within specification delivery Damen submitted its response early.Damen has teamed with ASC Forgacs Shipbuilding, a joint venture established to build the initial two ships in South Australia and further 10 in Western Australia, to compete for the foundation project of Australia’s continuous Naval shipbuilding enterprise. The joint venture is already investing in infrastructure at the Henderson Shipbuilding Precinct in Western Australia in preparation for the OPV construction to move to WA.Damen, with almost 100 vessels operating in Australia already, has extensive experience providing vessels that are suitable for local conditions and is fully committed to the long-term integration with Australian Shipbuilding. Key tenets of the bid include maximising investment in local industries and businesses to establish a long term capability; investment in the training of a future workforce including those transitioning from other industries; and assisting the Australian Government to prepare to build future frigates and submarines in SA. The proven Damen design being offered uses innovative technology to improve seakeeping, reduce running costs and decrease whole of life sustainment costs.Roland Briene, Damen Sales Director Asia Pacific, said: “We are fully committed to maximising Australian industry participation and supporting the development of a sustainable, national shipbuilding industry in Australia. This is fully in line with our standard practices where we partner with local organisations to help transform local shipbuilding industries into globally competitive shipyards. We look forward to working with the Commonwealth to maximise opportunities for Australian industry, drawing on the existing supply chain of our Australian partners, while also providing opportunities for local industry to be involved in our global supply chain supporting more than 70 shipyards around the world.” View post tag: OPV Share this article April 6, 2017 View post tag: Australian Navycenter_img Back to overview,Home naval-today Damen submits tender for 12 Australian OPVs Damen submits tender for 12 Australian OPVs View post tag: Damenlast_img read more


first_imgRaging Moderate by Will DurstTo taunt his rival and sow seeds of evangelical doubt, Rafael Edward “Ted” Cruz informed Donald Trump that the rest of the country was concerned about his alarming New York Values, totally ignoring the greater danger of the real estate developer’s aerodynamic coif toppling over and knocking innocent supporters unconscious with its hard candy shell.The jibe was designed as a sly, wink-wink, nudge-nudge attack resurrecting deeply buried stereotypes about urban areas that also managed to carry a faint whiff of racism and anti-Semitism. It’s a dog-whistle the size of the Louisiana Purchase on steroids.This geographic schism has been celebrated in literature for centuries and elevated to a hoary trope by politicians in order to highlight their imagined connection to real rural folk. But if Cruz is the country mouse and Trump the city mouse, a lot of people are rooting for large herds of feral cats to make a speedy entrance.It’s an age-old rivalry. The difference between paths and sidewalks. Simplicity and glamor. Open spaces or 24-hour supermarkets. Porches versus high-rises. Red and blue. Mosquitoes and muggers. Meadows and low-fat caramel macchiatos.But is it fair to make sweeping generalizations solely based on longitude and latitude? Well, yes, it is. So, besides New York, what other clichés and prejudices do our little minds instantly make when presented with specific locales? Glad you asked.New Yorkie Values involve a lot of yipping and the sound of toenails scratching on linoleum.New Jersey Values are almost exactly like New Yorkie Values but with bigger hair.New Mexico Values boil every question down to whether it goes better with red or green chilies.New Orleans Values mean partying like there’s no tomorrow and encourages yesterday to bleed into tomorrow and the next day.New Hampshire Values believe in not just the electric chair, but electric bleachers.New England Patriots Values mean doing anything and everything to win, including the blurring of boundaries that lesser competitors might consider “the rules.”New Balance Values take into account sneakers and sneaker accessories.New Zealand Values revolve around sheep and sheep accessories including effluvium.New Caledonia Values indicate the matrix that occurs when French culture meets the remote South Pacific. Think Tahiti without all the hustle and bustle.New Delhi Values include not just the hustle and bustle but also cows and cow effluvium where you least expect them.Washington DC Values are a mix of New Yorkie Values, New England Patriots Values and New Delhi Values.Hollywood Values are reduced to, “Me. Me. Me. Me. Me. Me. Me.”Florida Values are indicative of folks who think just plain crazy is not giving it your all.Texas Values mostly have to do with barbecue, guns and executing people, not necessarily in that order.Wisconsin Values are totally measured by how the Green Bay Packers are doing. And cheese.Arkansas Values are more family oriented, and totally understand that fathers can be uncles at the same time.San Francisco Values are indicative of a tolerance for almost anything, except the intolerant. That we cannot abide.Berkeley Values are not as restrictive as San Francisco Values.Madison Values are similar to Berkeley Values but mitigated by snow and cheese and the Packers.Maine Values are none of your business. Mike Keefe / Cagle Cartoons FacebookTwitterCopy LinkEmailSharelast_img read more

The genesis of genius

first_imgFlames of childhood passion often die. How many astronauts and ballerinas are among us? Yet some talent is so profound that even early efforts signify genius.The tiny, hand-lettered, hand-bound books Charlotte and Branwell Brontë made as children surely qualify. Measuring about 2.5 by 5 centimeters, page after mini-page brims with poems, stories, songs, illustrations, maps, building plans, and dialogue. The books, lettered in minuscule, even script, tell of the “Glass Town Confederacy,” a fictional world the siblings created for and around Branwell’s toy soldiers, which were both the protagonists of and audience for the little books.In 1829 and 1830, Charlotte and Branwell cobbled the pages together from printed waste and scrap paper, perhaps cut from margins of discarded pamphlets. They wrote with steel-nibbed pens, which tend to blot, yet the even script demonstrates their practiced hand.Charlotte, who in adulthood wrote “Jane Eyre,” nested leaves together, then neatly sewed the spine with embroidery thread; it’s evident she constructed her book and planned its content before ever putting pen to paper. Branwell, who would become a painter and poet, stacked folded leaves together, which allowed him to add pages as he needed; clearly not as adept with needle and thread as his sister, he stab-sewed the leaves together with thicker linen yarn.Children can be rough on their playthings — miniature books created by the younger Brontë siblings Emily and Anne did not survive — but Charlotte kept and stored the “Glass Town” adventures carefully. “They must have been very precious to them, as they are to us today,” said Priscilla Anderson of Harvard’s Weissman Preservation Center, who restored the volumes.Only about 20 volumes of Brontë juvenilia are known to remain. Harvard holds nine, the Brontë Museum at the family home in England owns a few, and the remaining are scattered among museums and private collectors.Until recently, juvenilia — works produced by an author or artist while still young — were viewed as oddities by scholars and collectors. Today they are understood to provide valuable and rare insight into an author’s development. In the case of the Brontës, experts might trace Gothic influences from the 13-year-old Charlotte’s stories, or identify Branwell’s growth as an artist by comparing his childhood illustrations and his later paintings. Perhaps even more importantly, the books provide a glimpse into the inner lives of children growing up in a society in which they were expected to be seen and not heard.“What is extraordinary is the extent to which they imitated a professional publication, the variety of the content, and the perseverance it required,” said Anderson. “The ability to make these volumes from start to finish out of scraps is impressive.”At nearly 200 years old, the books are delicate. Over time, the paper became increasingly fragile, the adhesive used to mount the volumes damaged the covers, and the tiny script was hard for scholars to read. To ensure that scholars today and tomorrow have access to these treasures, the library repaired, rehoused, and digitized the books. Their unusual size, age, and nature presented several challenges to Anderson and Debora Mayer, the Helen H. Glaser Conservator at Weissman.“Perhaps children’s eyes and hands can read and manipulate these things, but for grownups they’re microscopic,” explained Anderson, who said she felt like she had giant’s hands when she worked on the books.To repair tears, Anderson used fine surgical instruments, teasing out and pasting down individual fibers of kozo paper about the width of a human hair. (Kozo is a fine paper made from the inner bark of an Asian plant, and is regularly used to mend books.) All through the painstaking work, she knew even a small mistake would be magnified. “I held my breath, literally,” said Anderson, “to keep fragments of paper from blowing away.”New binding exposed text in the gutters of Branwell’s volumes for the first time in 170 years, and the digital technology deployed provides clarity beyond that of the human eye. Technicians moved the camera very slightly on multiple takes and combined them into one image. Every millimeter is sharply focused.Charlotte’s husband sold the volumes after her death to a collector, who gave them to poet and fellow collector Amy Lowell; she donated the set to Houghton Library in 1925.The digital copies of the Brontë juvenilia have largely met scholars’ needs, according to Houghton curator Leslie Morris. Yet the awe-inspiring physicality of the books as artifacts cannot be captured on screen.“These tiny books help to evoke the whole experience of the Brontë children. Here they are, living in a somewhat isolated parsonage in Yorkshire, having only themselves as playmates and needing to entertain each other,” Morris said. “Seeing the physical object brings home the effort and intelligence it took to create them and why they created them. Having grown up with Brontë, it’s a way of connecting with the past through objects.”The nine Brontë volumes held by Harvard referenced in this story are available in full, free, online:By Charlotte Brontë:Scenes on the great bridge, November 1829The silver cup: a tale, October 1829Blackwoods young mens magazine, August 1829An interesting passage in the lives of some eminent personages of the present age, June 1830The poetaster: a drama in two volumes, July 1830The adventures of Mon. Edouard de Crack, February 1830By Patrick Branwell Brontë:Branwells Blackwoods magazine, June 1829Magazine, January 1829Branwells Blackwoods magazine, July 1829last_img read more

Uruguayan Army Supports Civilians During Weather Emergencies

first_imgBy Carlos Maggi/Diálogo December 06, 2017 Between June and September 2017, the Uruguayan Army supported civilians affected by heavy rains in the country. The area of operation included the departments of Montevideo, Canelones, Durazno, San José, Lavalleja, Maldonado, and Florida. The population received military assistance with evacuation, transport, tent installation at campsites, and food. The Army deployed a basic unit to each of the country’s 19 departments. Each unit had two organizational sections, allowing service members to respond to the subsidiary mission: to provide aid to civilians under severe weather situations. In total, 10 percent of the number of troops from each military unit participated—their numbers could be increased if necessary. The Army also provided equipment such as vehicles, tents, light generators, field kitchens, and mobile clinics. “Unfortunately, tornadoes, heavy winds, floods, fires, and different cases of health-risk emergencies occur more frequently in our country,” Uruguayan Army Colonel Wilfredo Paiva, chief of the Social Communication Department, told Diálogo. “Our force participates in the evacuation of the affected population and their belongings, food preparation, and debris removal, among other tasks to contribute support in solidarity with the population that needs it most in times of distress. It’s imperative for the state to come as quickly as possible.” The Army owes its promptness, efficiency, and effectiveness in support of subsidiary missions to the force’s training and education for their main national defense mission. “The mission is fulfilled for the sake of our fellow countrymen who are in a vulnerable state, and we are pleased to provide this help when it’s most needed, being appreciated in each of these opportunities,” Col. Paiva said. “It’s important to say that on many occasions we have troops affected by severe weather, yet they help their neighbors, evacuating them or bringing them food prepared in the barracks.” On April 15th, 2016, a devastating tornado struck the Uruguayan town of Dolores, in the department of Soriano. The Army was the first state institution to arrive and the last to leave—a total of 75,000 man-hours worked. The three-minute tornado was the second most devastating in the country’s history. It left six dead, almost half the population of Dolores was injured, and millions of dollars’ worth of material losses. Less than one hour after the tornado, 80 troops from Infantry Battalion No. 5, located 38 kilometers from the event, showed up. “The troops completed different tasks such as assisting the victims, evacuating to healthcare centers, removing debris, deterring criminal activities, and preparing meal for 600 people during the first week, and for 250 people until the day they left,” Col. Paiva said. Climate change Climate change is a reality the world must live with. In Uruguay, rains cause rivers to overflow, which forces people who live along the riverfront to evacuate their homes in search of shelter. Between August 12th and September 15th, 2017, heavy rains affected the town of Durazno. Service members from Armored Infantry Battalion No. 13 took action immediately to respond to the emergency, highlighting the full integration between civilians and Army personnel. “On one hand, the coordination with the departmental emergency committee has been excellent, which we are a fundamental part of, and on the other hand, the local population now knows that in the field, we are the ones who carry the spirit of the national and departmental governments to come to their aid,” said Uruguayan Army Major Alejandro Capeluto, second in command of the Armored Infantry Battalion No. 13. “People know us because of what we do every day and because through the years, with the recurrence of floods in our department, they have seen our vehicles and our soldiers evacuate people and their belongings.” The Uruguayan Army doesn’t only operate during an emergency situation. An important part of their success stems from their training during situations of calm. The Army develops plans and protocols to be implemented when necessary, monitors different situations and their evolution—designing solutions before emergencies occur—and conducts test runs and simulations. “Helping those who need it most represents a professional challenge for the battalion, since these situations test our capacities to execute diverse types of operations, demonstrate our level of training and preparation, and [allow us] to develop sincere and close connections with civilians, while at the same time ensuring that our profession is not only accepted, but also that our members are recognized on a professional and human level,” Maj. Capeluto concluded.last_img read more

Nor’easter Not Done, Up to 8 Inches of Snow Forecasted Overnight on LI

first_imgSign up for our COVID-19 newsletter to stay up-to-date on the latest coronavirus news throughout New York Another 8 inches of snow is possible overnight. (Photo credit: National Weather Service satellite image)Don’t celebrate just yet.The nor’easter that deposited more than a foot of snow on Long Island and dumped an irritating wintry mix is gearing up for a second round of action—and it may even bring some thunderstorms.Hey, why not?!?Additional snowfall of up 3 to 8 inches in Nassau County and 2 to 5 inches in Suffolk County is forecasted for the evening and overnight hours, according to meteorologists at National Weather Service in Upton.Moderate to heavy snow is expected between 8 and 10 p.m. across Long Island, according to Lauren Nash, a meteorologist at the weather service.Snow could fall at a rate of 1 to 3 inches per hour, forecasters said. And with winds whipping at 20 to 30 mph and gusts possibly reaching 45 mph, visibility during the evening hours could be a quarter mile or less at times, the weather service warned.A winter storm warning remains in effect until 6 a.m.The storm should taper off between 5 and 7 a.m. Friday.“In these kind of coastal low, these nor’easters, because of the dynamics you can get these really strong snow bands,” said Nash.The first round of snowfall began early Thursday morning and continued for several hours before it changed over to rain and sleet during most of the afternoon.The storm reached blizzard-like conditions at times, and ended up blanketing LI with up to 14 inches of snow.Gov. Andrew Cuomo declared a state of emergency for Long Island during a conference call with reporters and advised residents not to get fooled by the afternoon rainfall because another round of snowfall was in the forecast.“These storms are more frequent and they’re more ferocious,” Cuomo said.“Don’t get cocky about it,” he added, “and don’t take them casually.”The storm caused havoc on the roads, rails and in the air throughout the day. Hundreds of flights were cancelled at area airports. Long Island MacArthur Airport said on its Facebook page that airlines expect to resume flights by mid-morning Friday, and told travelers to contact specific airlines for updated flight information.The Long Island Rail Road had to deal with scattered delays systemwide for most of the day, and was forced to suspend service temporarily on the Port Jefferson branch after a train struck an unauthorized vehicle on the tracks between Greenlawn and Huntington in the morning. Snow and ice on the Port Jefferson branch further complicated matters, prompting the LIRR to cancel a half-dozen electric trains and instead said it would only operate diesel service for the evening commute.The LIRR appears to have smoothed out some of the weather-related issues, and service on most branches was back to normal, expect for Port Jefferson and Montauk. The LIRR added four extra early-afternoon trains from Penn Station to accommodate riders leaving work early.Meteorologists were forced to adjust snowfall predictions during the day Thursday because of a heavy band of snow that set up over the area, Nash said.The weather service said evening snowfall could make travel treacherous, and will likely bring down some tree limbs and power lines, possibly sparking outages. As of 5:47 p.m., PSEG Long Island reported that 435 customers were in the dark.There is a possibility that the nor’easter could produce thunderstorms across the area, forecasters said.The systems that typically visit the region during the winter aren’t usually strong enough to bring thunderstorms, Nash explained. But, she said, “when this kind of instability comes into play,” we can experience a few rumbles from above.last_img read more

Long Island Under Tropical Storm Warning as Hermine Looms

first_imgSign up for our COVID-19 newsletter to stay up-to-date on the latest coronavirus news throughout New York The National Weather Service (NWS) issued a tropical storm warning for Long Island and the tristate area Saturday as Tropical Storm Hermine loomed in the Atlantic Ocean just south of the region.Hermine is forecast to bring sustained winds of up to 40 mph with up to 55 mph gusts that could cause significant property damage and downed tree limbs that may cause power outages. There is also an elevated threat of a storm surge of up to two feet causing coastal flooding. Only about an inch of rain is expected to fall as a result of the passing storm, forecasters said.“The storm is…expected to drift north northeast while gradually intensifying tonight through early next week before gradually picking up pace as it slowly weakens and tracks southeast of Long Island and Cape Cod during the middle of next week,” NWS said in its tropical storm warning.The storm made landfall as a category one hurricane with about 80 mph winds in northwestern Florida on Thursday night, but it later weakened to a tropical storm. It blew through Georgia and the Carolinas before emerging over the Atlantic again.Nassau and Suffolk county officials have not issued evacuation orders for low lying coastal areas, but NWS forecasters warned residents to heed such orders if and when they are made.The threat of the storm loomed over Labor Day weekend celebrations, especially in resort communities on Fire Island, where a $207 million beach reconstruction project has yet to be completed since Sandy flattened LI’s largest barrier island’s dunes four years ago.Suffolk officials have said that the likelihood of the storm stalling off the coast of LI and creating several days of nor’easter-like weather could add to beach erosion on FI’s already vulnerable shores. Local officials also eyed the possibility of a short-term mass evacuation on the car-free area of FI that is only accessible by ferry or private boat on what is usually one of its busiest holiday weekends.“Be prepared for the possible suspension of ferry service,” Saltaire Administrator Mario Posilico told anxious residents during a village board meeting on Saturday. Fire Island Ferries, the company serving the western FI communities, warned on its website that service may be suspended Sunday afternoon. Its last ferry off the island on Saturday will be 9:50 p.m., instead of its usual last boat at 1 a.m. on weekends.The short-term forecast calls for cloudy skies Saturday in advance of the possibility of tropical storm conditions on Sunday and Labor Day through as late as Wednesday.Local officials urged residents to visit for more storm preparedness information.last_img read more

Grandparents angry after assault by children 13 April 2013Elderly people are worried and outraged after an attack by children on a Feilding grandmother, and are calling for more police presence in the community. Feilding police are investigating an early morning March 27 assault in which three boys, thought to be aged about 11, attacked a 52-year-old grandmother as she walked to work, taking her shoes before leaving her unconscious and bleeding at the bottom of a riverbank.  Feilding grandmother Louisa Pedersen said she was shocked to hear of the attack and worried about wider repercussions. “I’m concerned about the morals of the kids these days . . . I feel angry that they should attack people who have put in place things that have allowed them to be where they are today. “They’re just mongrels as far as I’m concerned.” Mrs Pedersen said early action may be needed to prevent trouble where youths congregate. “I want to see more police and more manpower out here in our streets.” Grey Power Manawatu president Wendy Gadd said members were worried. “We should do more with the kids, we’re too soft with them. They need to brought up with manners, to respect people and their property.” Feilding Youth Aid police officer Senior Constable John Samuela has previously told the Manawatu Standard the attack was the latest in a spate of offences in town by intermediate school-aged children. Police had been dealing with children “hassling” members of the public, loitering at Feilding McDonald’s, and being involved in minor assaults. Feilding CIB Detective Sergeant Kevin Anstis said the police had a number of suspects and were following several leads. He urged anyone who saw suspicious behaviour on the night of the incident to come forward. read more

Move to reform cannabis laws meets supporters, opponents

first_imgRadio NZ News 21 October 2017Family First Comment: We said “”It just seems highly ironic that we’re starting to finally realise the harms of tobacco and trying to do everything we can to discourage it, and here are believing in the myth that marijuana is harmless.”But we also said “now we know the real agenda! Legalisation. The Greens have revealed the ultimate goal which the Drug Foundation have always tried to hide behind the smokescreen of ‘decriminalisation’.www.saynopetodope.nzThe Drug Foundation is welcoming what it calls Labour and the Greens’ fresh approach to tackling the country’s drug problems.New Zealand will have a referendum on legalising marijuana for personal use as part of the Greens deal with Labour.Under the deal, drug use will be treated as a health issue and there will be an increase in drug and alcohol treatment funding.Drug Foundation executive director Ross Bell said that approach was long overdue.“One of our frustrations with the National government was its reluctance to look at things like medical cannabis and decriminalisation,” he said.Lobby group Family First said legalising cannabis could put New Zealanders’ health at risk, however.Its national director Bob McCoskrie said he was against the move and there were too many health risks from marijuana, including its effects on cognitive ability.“It just seems highly ironic that we’re starting to finally realise the harms of tobacco and trying to do everything we can to discourage it, and here are believing in the myth that marijuana is harmless.”READ MORE: on ‘obsolete’ cannabis law ‘long overdue’ – Drug FoundationNewsHub 20 October 2017The director of the NZ Drug Foundation is welcoming a referendum on cannabis law reform, saying we need a change after 42 years of drug legislation that’s “done nothing”.In an email sent out to Green Party delegates on Thursday night, the party outlined 10 big policy wins – including a referendum on legalising the personal use of cannabis by 2020, and more financial backing for drug and alcohol services.Drug Foundation director Ross Bell says that as a country with one of the highest proportion of users in the world, it’s about time we got onto it.“Fundamentally for us, it’s long overdue that New Zealand had a crack at its obsolete drug law. The law that’s in place today, in 2017, was passed in 1975,” he said.Family First NZ national director Bob McCoskrie says the announcement of a referendum on personal cannabis use is “stunning hypocrisy” for a party that only wants the public’s view on “the questions that they ask and the results that they like”.“This is the same party that rejected the voice of New Zealanders when they sent a clear message on the anti-smacking law in 2009 – 87 percent of New Zealanders voting against the law,” he said.“The Greens also voted against having a referendum on the hugely controversial issue of changing the definition of marriage when the views of the country were clearly split down the middle.“If the Greens want to show consistency and they want a binding referendum on marijuana, then they should acknowledge and respect the result of the smacking law referendum.”READ MORE: read more

FIFA decides China and expanded Club World Cup will have to wait

first_imgWorld football federation FIFA has postponed next year’s inaugural expanded Club World Cup as the domino effect created in sport by the coronavirus crisis gathers pace. FIFA President Gianni Infantino Decisions by UEFA and CONMEBOL, the governing bodies of European and South American football, to push back Euro 2020 and the Copa America to the summer of next year left FIFA no option.Advertisement Loading… Today’s meeting of the FIFA bureau – president Gianni Infantino and the heads of the six regional confederations – decided to set up a study group to find a new date for the Club World Cup, schedule for China, as well as a number of other measures. Read Also:War Against Covid19: FIFA to donate $10million to WHO The delay may be helpful to FIFA in the long run since it had reportedly run into problems trying to raise the necessary initial funding for the 24-team tournament. It may also provide the world governing body with more time to discuss the reservations about the event held by UEFA. FacebookTwitterWhatsAppEmail分享 center_img Promoted ContentWhich Country Is The Most Romantic In The World?Can Playing Too Many Video Games Hurt Your Body?10 Risky Jobs Some Women DoThe Very Last Bitcoin Will Be Mined Around 2140. Read More6 Interesting Ways To Make Money With A Drone5 Of The World’s Most Unique Theme Parks8 Scenes That Prove TV Has Gone Too FarTop 10 Most Romantic Nations In The WorldBest Car Manufacturers In The World11 Most Immersive Game To Play On Your Table Top7 Black Hole Facts That Will Change Your View Of The UniverseEver Thought Of Sleeping Next To Celebs? This Guy Will Show Youlast_img read more