Port Colborne fire impact

The huge fire at the Vinyl Works Canada in Port Colborne has impacted residents and businesses around.The heavy black smoke filled the sky as the massive fire burned at the vinyl warehouse and the smoke could be seen for several kilometres as far away as Buffalo.“It was very toxic smoke. Any firefighter that was in what we consider the ‘hot zone’ was wearing a self-contained breathing apparatus and full protective equipment.” that’s according to Deputy Fire Chief Mike Bendia.A concern for not only firefighters but also residents nearby. Niagara region officials warning people to stay inside and keep their windows and doors closed.The Deputy Chief went on to say, “What exactly was burning inside? We really don’t know 100% what was burning. We were told there was some patio furniture in there, boats that they were allowing to be stored. There were some vehicles so we had a mix of a lot of stuff in there.”The Ministry of the Environment are taking air samples to monitor the air quality. So far they say there is no concern.By the afternoon the smoke had lessened but it was still visible as the building continued to burnA nearby farm reported some falling ash. Ministry staff will collect samples from those properties too. read more

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