Science group demonstrates uses of fire, ice in hands-on performance

first_imgLucas Masin-Moyer | The Observer Graduate student Craig Reingold performs an experiment using an electric guitar and fire during Tuesday’s “Our Universe Revealed” lecture series installment, which engages audiences with science.Throughout the academic year, Notre Dame’s physics department has brought science to the public with a series of events titled “Our Universe Revealed.”The ExPAND demo team, made up of physics graduate students Adam Clark, Austin Nelson, Craig Reingold and Allan Leishman, presented the next installment in this series, “A Show of Fire and Ice,” on Tuesday evening in Jordan Hall of Science.Clark kicked off the event by starting a massive fire with a few simple ingredients.“[I used] just non-dairy coffee creamer,” he said. “So by spreading it out, it increased the amount of oxygen gas that was available to be burned and we got the spectacular flame. You might have seen this before … the people that do pyrotechnics for [action] movies use principles like this to get that large, satisfying fireball.”The next demonstration of fire was conducted by Nelson, who created what he called a “fire tornado.”“What we do is put this cage on and what that does is swirl the air for us, it gives the air particles spin — what we like to call angular momentum,” he said. “So the air is swirling around inside and the fire has nowhere to go but in and up.”This tornado was the highlight for three children attending the event — Ramon, Thomas and Eleanor Veselik.“[I loved] when they turned the fire green,” Ramon Veselik said.Their mother, Anne Veselik, said the event provided a great learning opportunity.“Science is alway fascinating and it’s cool to get to see it hands-on and things you can’t do at home,” she said.After the fire tornado, Reingold did some further tests with a Ruben tube and a guitar.“What I have here is a long tube filled with propane … there are tiny holes cut in the top,” he said. “However, I have a speaker and play sound waves through [the tube], I can actually visualize the sound wave … as I make the notes lower, the wavelength gets longer — the big pockets of flame move further apart and as the notes get higher, the wavelength will get shorter.”After these experiments with fire, the team moved on to experimenting with ice, particularly with liquid nitrogen — Nelson’s “favorite thing to play with.”“Liquid nitrogen is a lot colder than ice … so we’re going to dip stuff inside of it, because we’re scientists and that’s all science is — dipping stuff in liquid nitrogen,” Reingold said.The demo team proceeded to drop a rose, tennis ball, racquetball, ping pong ball and balloon into the liquid nitrogen.The balloon yielded a particularly interesting result, Nelson said.“What’s happening is that we’re taking all the air inside the balloon and making it very, very cold so it condenses in on itself and if we allow the air to heat up the balloon will re-inflate,” he said. “So if you ever want to have a party and have a lot of balloons, you can save them by just freezing them in liquid nitrogen.”Leishman finished off the event with a demonstration of superconductors, using the magnetic properties of superconductors to levitate a small rock.“A superconductor is — short story — is a material that can conduct electricity without any watts,” he said. “The problem is that, like how ice has to be frozen below 32 degrees to be solid, superconductors have to be really cold to be superconducting … luckily we have material on this stage that can do that. Liquid nitrogen can get down to negative 321 degrees Fahrenheit and so it’ll take us below that threshold.”The next installment of “Our Universe Revealed” will be held May 16 in Jordan Hall and will be a hands-on exploration of particle physics.Tags: ExPAND Demo Team, Our Universe Revealed, Physicslast_img read more

Liam Smith would welcome rematch with Jaime Munguia after Sam Eggington fight

first_imgJoin DAZN and watch more than 100 fight nights a yearIt’s an exciting time for Smith, who recently switched promotion companies from Hall of Fame boxing promoter Frank Warren and Queensberry Promotions to Eddie Hearn’s Matchroom Boxing in a move that was a long time coming. Getting to headline a card at home just adds to his overall excitement.“I’ve seen what Eddie’s been doing with my three brothers [Paul, Callum and Stephen] and I felt the time was right to join Matchroom, with their deal Eddie is doing with DAZN and the American fighters in my division,” Smith said. “So, I felt it was the right time to make the move. I’m top of the bill on a very good card in my home city. I’ve been waiting for big fights and big shows and Eddie has delivered. I’m looking forward to being back in Liverpool, it’s been a long time. I know [Eggington] has a lot to prove, but I’m in my home city and I have a lot more to prove as well to Eddie, Sky Sports and DAZN. I must make all these people excited that they have signed me and put on a performance that proves they were right to sign me. It’s been a long time coming in me signing to Matchroom and I feel it’s the wrong time for Sam.” Join DAZN to watch Smith vs. Eggington on March 30Another fight that he’d be interested in down the road? A potential domestic clash with former IBF welterweight Kell Brook.“If that fight comes to us and it is the right deal for us, I’m sure Joe [Gallagher] and myself would take the fight in a heartbeat,” Smith said. “Kell is a top fighter, he’s one of the big names in the division and I want to be involved in the big fights. It’s a big fight domestically and one that everyone would look forward to. At 154, I can get to Kell and cause him problems. He’s a good fighter and I rate him [high], but it’s a fight I would be very confident going into. It’s a fight that I want. I’ve been at 154 for a long time, so I just feel that if the fight got made, I would be very confident. We’ve sparred in the past a few times, so we know each other and stylistically it’s a fight I’d like. With both of us being signed to Matchroom, it should be easy to make it happen”.All that being said, Smith (26-2-1, 14 KOs) knows that he can’t overlook a dangerous fighter in Eggington (24-5, 15 KOs) , who’s a boxer that likes to come forward, while constantly applying pressure. And it’s not that the former WBO super welterweight champion is overlooking Eggington — because he’s not. It’s more that Smith is confident that he’s going to return to championship form.“I feel that with momentum and being active, I am confident that I can become a two-time world champion,” Smith said. “With the sparring I’m doing and the training, I feel I can beat anyone around me, and I am 100 percent focused. [Eggington’s] a nice kid, I respect him and his coach, but, yeah, what you see is what you get with him. He’ll come and give it his all, but stylistically if you asked me for a fighter I want to face, I would have said Sam Eggington. I won’t need to go looking for Sam and I feel that will bring the best out of me. So, I’m looking forward to it, definitely.” Liam Smith would welcome a possible rematch against Jaime Munguia, who defeated him via unanimous decision last July. But first he has a long-awaited Liverpool homecoming Saturday against fellow Brit, Sam Eggington, live and exclusively on DAZN. If he defeats Eggington and does it convincingly, Smith thinks he’d have a better faring in a rematch against Munguia.”I don’t feel that [Munguia’s] a top fighter — he can punch fairly hard for a young kid, but he is still very green and that’s what frustrated me a little bit,” Smith told Sporting News about his loss last year. “He was very clumsy. I countered his jab very easily, but then his engine kicked in during the back end of the fight. He kept going and mine faded off. I feel it was more down to myself than it was down to Jaime Munguia. I faded in that fight which I don’t normally do. I can’t put my finger on what that was, but I had one fight in November 2017 then in July 2018 and that may have played its part. I didn’t go out to Vegas until June 24, so that didn’t help either. But I put my performance down to something like that. I’d welcome a rematch with Munguia, definitely.”last_img read more