Your external hard drive might be tough but is it bulletproof

first_imgioSafe, maker of tough storage products, wanted to show off their new Rugged Portable so they took it to a shooting range and pumped it full of lead. While the external hard drive is not specifically “shotgun-rated” the devices’s Full Metal Jacket can withstand multiple shotgun blasts, as well as a crushing force of over 2500lbs. The protection doesn’t end there either, you can immerse this puppy in diesel fuel, put it in 10 feet of water for up to 3 days, then put it in freezing cold salt fog and it will keep on serving up your data at USB 3.0 speeds.In the videos above the hard drive was shot four times with a 12-gauge shotgun and it survived. The pock-marked aluminum shell shows us just how tough the external is–not only can it take the forms of punishment previously mentioned, but it can withstand serious shocks as well. The “Full Suspension Drive” system inside the hard drive is what allows it to stand up to serious impacts (like a 10-foot drop onto concrete).AdChoices广告And if you do manage to break the drive inside, ioSafe has you covered. The Rugged Portable includes up to $5000 in data recovery services if you should need them.The Rugged Portable can use either an aluminum or titanium casing (the latter makes the drive a good deal tougher in almost all tests) and then either a normal disk or an SSD for storafge. The aluminum disk model starts at $149 (250GB) but no titanium version seems to be available yet. The SSD model starts at $1299 for the aluminum and $1999 for the titanium (both at 256GB).Read more at ioSafe.via WSJ.last_img read more

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