Xining unimpeded traffic engineering work in full swing

2012 city traffic engineering construction is mainly concentrated in the smooth flow of integrated traffic, parking lot, direct bus three categories. According to the smooth transport leading group meeting, we will be the construction tasks of the division of labor, clear responsibility, the relevant units to seriously implement the tasks, organization and leadership, strengthening project management, organize all the implementation of smooth traffic project, strictly according to the time node requirements to implement the construction project. The city’s traffic engineering construction in full swing, the main progress is as follows: read more

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Qinghai to promote ecological protection and precision poverty alleviation

summer morning, a hundred mile mountain to a green grass, who lives in Yushu Tibetan Autonomous County in Qumalai Township, Massachusetts Tibetan herdsmen a lot as usual to the depths of the grassland, begin the day’s work. "Last year was incorporated into the poor households filing riser, the government gave me a grassland ecological protection work this year, mainly to view the surrounding grazing grass hill have cattle and sheep grazing in the fence, there is no such destruction, now every month can get 1800 yuan wages, with the fixed income also, can reduce the burden to the family." read more

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Xining performance evaluation heavy livelihood rebirth heavy style

set 2013 annual leadership and leading cadres responsibility issued in Xining (performance) evaluation of the four categories and 35 indicators, livelihood, ecological environmental protection and improvement of the style index has become the focus of.

assessment in Xining City, the income of urban and rural residents, education, health, culture, social security, food and drug safety, housing security, price control, urban employment, household registration reform is closely related with the people living in a series of indexes, and 10 types of the municipal government to determine the 58 projects for the tangible things included in the annual the performance appraisal system, the people’s livelihood index accounted for 50% of all evaluation indexes. Price regulation, the unemployment rate and other indicators of a veto, and strive to achieve the objectives of the performance evaluation of the hard measures to ensure that the livelihood of the people to implement. At the same time, the protection of arable land, urban greening, sand remediation, energy conservation, urban sewage treatment rate, water pollution control, air quality, PM2.5 monitoring, the main pollutant emissions and other indicators, and to create a national environmental protection model city "and" 26 indicators to create a national forest city "20 goals, both as a key the index of assessment, highlighting the ecological and environmental protection seriously, adding impetus to the construction of the beautiful Xining. read more

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The two sessions passed eight livelihood tasks schedule

Xinhua news agency, Beijing, March – 14, 2016 is the first year to build a moderately prosperous society. Two sessions on the country, delaying retirement, social security, health care, poverty alleviation, pre-school education and a series of people’s livelihood is closely related to the timetable is expected to be clear.

task 1 –

delay retirement: 2016 will be introduced to the community for


"13th Five-Year" plan draft, the introduction of progressive retirement age policy. Yin Yumin, Minister of human resources and social security, said during the two sessions, the retirement plan will be approved this year after the approval of the relevant procedures to the community for comments, and then formally launched after the improvement. read more

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Qinghai focus on the operating behavior of the vehicle will be included in the dynamic regulation

recently, the Qinghai focus on the construction of dynamic monitoring system for the implementation of the vehicle program successfully passed the review.

province key operating vehicle dynamic monitoring system is divided into 5 subsystems, namely platform supervision subsystem, vehicle monitoring subsystem, alarm information subsystem, statistical query subsystem and system management subsystem. These 5 subsystems will form a multi-level interactive information system which is based on the dynamic information and static information of the vehicle, the interaction between the government supervision platform and the enterprise production safety monitoring platform. read more

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Xining forestry spawned a variety of green benefits of forest products out of countless gold

Qinghai news saying, Kaoshanchishan by water draft. The Xining Forestry Bureau has opened up a new way for the sustainable development of forestry through the attempt of forest products processing, forest eco-tourism, forest planting and cultivation.

in 2006 and in 2007, built 100 thousand acres of seabuckthorn forest in Xining City, this year, will also be re established the base of 50 thousand acres of seabuckthorn resources. What do you do with so many sea buckthorn? Originally, the sea buckthorn from the root to the leaf has the very high utilization value. Seabuckthorn forest can wind and sand, sea buckthorn fruit, sea buckthorn seeds, sea buckthorn leaves, sea buckthorn oil can be extracted from the sea buckthorn oil, sea buckthorn beverage production and other value-added products, products are exported to South Korea, Japan and other countries. Xining city forestry bureau deputy director Li Hongyan told reporters that the sea buckthorn has both ecological and economic benefits, Xining is suitable for planting seabuckthorn, seabuckthorn industry development to solve the ecological protection, increase the income of farmers, to provide raw materials for enterprises and other issues, is worthy of the name of the green industry. read more

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The province’s three largest national reform has a new effect people get benefits

Hospital doctor, Medicare card to the hospital put, nothing to worry about, the implementation of the registration system, as long as the material with the whole, to the court a few minutes to register the case"…… September, with the deepening of the reform of the three national name, people have tasted the sweetness of many reforms.

I is the three pilot provinces Guozihao reform, including the construction of ecological civilization system pilot, judicial system reform, the medical and health system reform pilot. In order to push forward the reform, our province has carried out a series of demonstration, breakthrough, driven effect of the pilot work, some key areas and key aspects of the reform achieved initial results.

"medical reform" to the people the most intuitive feeling is a high proportion of medical expenses. After heart surgery of Mr Ma greatly, he said: "I was in the hospital for 10 days plus surgery spent a total of 17 thousand yuan, Medicare reimbursement after his out only one thousand yuan. Health care reform does bring great benefits to our people." Not only that, at present, the province’s Medicare reimbursement ratio is the highest in the country, the proportion of urban and rural residents in the actual reimbursement of more than 60%.

"both gold and silver, more beautiful scenery, the country attaches great importance to ecological protection and construction in Qinghai, Qinghai adhere to the concept of ecological protection as a priority to coordinate the economic and social development. This year, in the reform of ecological civilization system, the provincial government issued the implementation of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council on accelerating the construction of ecological civilization opinions. In the pilot national park system construction, focus on preparation form "the implementation of Qinghai Sanjiang National Park pilot district Maduo system source program", held in Beijing expert consultation. In the ecological protection red line delineation, the preparation of the formation of the Sanjiang source ecological protection comprehensive test area ecological protection red line proposal proposal.

accelerate the public security reform, improve the system of community correction…… The reform of the judicial system in our province is steadily advancing. The relevant units focus on the content of the pilot, according to the pilot program, and actively promote the improvement of judicial personnel classification management, improve judicial accountability, improve judicial personnel occupation protection, establishment of the district court below the provincial procuratorate unified provincial administration. At present, the pilot work to achieve substantive results, for the realization of judicial system reform breakthrough, to accelerate the judicial personnel professional occupation promotion process, according to the independent investigators and zequanli;
read more

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Xining city social security service model innovation of medical insurance injury fertility risk unif

Reporters from the City Social Security Bureau, to maximize the convenience of the employer, guarantee insurance unit of social insurance premiums in full, timely and accurate arrival, ensure the employees enjoy the insurance treatment, starting from September 1st this year, the City Social Security Bureau will further reform handling mode, the implementation of employee health insurance, work-related injury insurance and maternity insurance unified collection. There will be more than 6900 employers were incorporated into the scope of collection. read more

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The organs and institutions of staff family members living subsidy increases

reporter learned from the Provincial Department of human resources and social security to our province from January 1, 2016 onwards, family members living subsidy standard fee adjustment institutions staff.

to better protect the organs and institutions of staff family basic life, recently, the Provincial Department of human resources and social security, the Provincial Department of Finance issued the "notice on the adjustment of our family members living subsidy fee standard, organs and institutions of staff" (Green Community Hall hair 2016 No. 31), reference the minimum living security standard for city residents, from January 1, 2016 onwards adjusted family members living subsidy fee standards in our province staff in public institutions. Standard family hardship subsidies in the province are on the basis of the original standard monthly increase of 30 yuan for each area of the adjusted standard: Haidong city residential 388 yuan per person per month; Hainan, Haibei residential 393 yuan per person per month; Xining City, Haixi residential 403 yuan per person per month; Yushu the state, Huangnan, Golog, residential 408 yuan per person per month; living in the province of Xining City, according to the standards issued. After the state organs serving officers were killed on duty, the survivors of hardship subsidies standards, in the above-mentioned criteria based on an additional 30 yuan per person per month. read more

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Xining municipal government leaders visit the difficulties of Returned Overseas Chinese and Taiwan

Spring Festival is approaching, Xining municipal government leaders visited some of the difficulties of Returned Overseas Chinese and relatives, as they sent a new year’s blessing and care of the municipal government.

January 29th, condolences group has visited Russia, Sun Guiying Miao Haiqun and the family members of overseas Chinese Ma Chenghai, a horse and flowers twelve difficulties of Returned Overseas Chinese and taiwan. Every one, are asked about the difficulties of returned overseas, belongs to life, health, listen to their voices and demands, but also for the difficulties of Returned Overseas Chinese and relatives send condolences to kim. At the same time, tell them no matter what difficulties, must promptly tell outside the overseas Chinese Affairs and Taiwan Affairs Office, that respondents returned overseas Chinese and relatives feel warm. (author: Xiao Liu)
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Xining Municipal Bureau of Commerce held a meeting to arrange the supply of vegetables in winter and

According to the municipal government "food basket" project leading group special meeting minutes (137th) spirit, to protect the city from 2010 to 2011 in the winter and spring vegetable supply, stable prices of vegetables, to convene a meeting of the Municipal Bureau of Commerce, this winter and spring vegetables supply work carried out the arrangements

according to the municipal government "food basket" project leading group special meeting minutes (137th) spirit, to protect the city from 2010 to 2011 in the winter and spring vegetable supply, stable prices of vegetables, to convene a meeting of the Municipal Bureau of Commerce, this winter and spring vegetables supply work carried out comprehensive arrangements. Sheng Qing company, Datong, Datong Jiaxing Fengyuan company, Qinghai green company, Datong Haifa company and Hyde company, and the Sea Lake Road vegetable wholesale market and other large individual trafficking transporting vegetables and reserve bear the task of the enterprise, and 100, Hualian, Wangfujing, Huarun, and other key 10000 Hui Hakka supermarket responsible person attended the meeting. read more

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Xining the main economic indicators of growth in the forefront of the northwest provincial capital

The reporter learned from the Xining Bureau of statistics, 2015 face increasing downward pressure on the economy, the domestic economic structure adjustment and power conversion into the situation, in the municipal government under the leadership of the city, on the initiative to adapt to the new normal economic development, focus on the development of the target, and comprehensively promote the steady growth, promoting reform, structural adjustment, improve people of various the city’s economic work, showing a generally stable, steady progress, steady to good posture. The main economic indicators of growth in the northwest five provincial cities in the forefront.10.9% read more

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What should be done to open shop selling baby

a lot of business entity shop entrepreneurs should have this experience, the money stock finished, the transaction completed, there is no relationship between what, then, is to open the shop? Open shop not a deal is a circulatory system engineering, some sellers often think that Everything will be fine. sent out parcel post, in fact, this is only the beginning of the next job. What should we do when the package is sent out?

, an input waybill number

is the input waybill number, you can also enter before delivery. As long as you can be sure to deliver the goods ahead of time today, the input is nothing wrong. read more

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Xining printing four publications Award

In March 21st, Qinghai Province, the printing of publications, special typesetting business inspection briefing will be held, the meeting on the province’s 2013 annual publications printing enterprises, special typesetting plate business inspection and 2013 books of the year, internal publications printing quality inspection to be informed, and the 2013 book of the year, internal publications medal winning products.It is reported that the detection of

, as the province’s 53 publication printing enterprises, special typesetting plate: 27 annual publications printing enterprises qualified, 22 internal publications printing enterprise annual inspection, annual inspection of 4 specialized typesetting plate 1 qualified enterprises, digital printing enterprises outstanding; 35 publications printing enterprises received send copies of in the 348 book, the quality of the printing test results for books and publications for internal quality: 9, good product 18 kinds, 145 kinds of qualified, unqualified 2. Among them, Qinghai Xining printing factory in Qinghai Province in 2013, printed books, internal data quality testing, "Yong Zhongben treasure", teaching "2011 year literature review" was rated as high quality products, "2011 year literature", "translation of Tibetan Buddhist icon interpretation" as good products. read more

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Xining Railway Station renovation project started supporting 9

September 18th, Xining Railway Station renovation and project started swearing in ceremony held in Xining, marking the Xining Railway Station and related project is in full swing, thus changing the Xining Railway Station project all started.

according to the relevant person in charge of the Qinghai Tibet railway company, Xining Railway Station transformation and related projects is the focus of the country and the province’s construction projects, much attention at all levels of leadership and the masses. The transformation of the Xining Railway Station and related engineering has completed the construction of pre removal operation in Xining West transition engineering, Yushu earthquake relief and post disaster reconstruction project of Xining North emergency cargo center, now under construction in Xining station engineering. read more

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Turning waste into treasure Xining will build 311 green recycling site

In recent years, with the acceleration of industrialization and urbanization, and the improvement of people’s living standards, the number of obsolete commodities has increased significantly, which has posed a serious threat to the environment and ecology of our province. By the end of next year, Xining will build 311 green recycling sites, sorting centers from 4 to 7, and comprehensively promote the construction of renewable resources recycling system, so that waste goods into treasure.

according to the commerce department responsible person, at present, our province recycling enterprises are small and scattered, the lack of long-term investment perspective, economic benefits to the neglect of social benefits, the quality of employees is low and other factors directly affect the development of waste recycling industry in our province. To completely change the backward status of industry based on the recycling of waste products in 2009, Xining city passed the expert review the national organization of the Ministry of Commerce, became the second batch of renewable resource recycling system construction pilot city. By the end of 2013, Xining will build a green recycling site 311, sorting centers from 4 to 7, the distribution market of 1 to 2, the transformation and upgrading of scrap car dismantling Center of the 1 and information services and personnel training. The implementation of the construction project of Xining renewable resources recycling system provides an effective demonstration and reference for the whole province, which helps to guide and promote. (author: Fang Xu) read more

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The 236 cases of arbitration of labor disputes in Xining

day before reporters from Xining City Labor Dispute Arbitration Office learned that this year, up to now, the Xining labor dispute arbitration institutions arbitration of labor dispute cases since 236, the number of cases is slightly higher than in previous years, and the controversy focused on three aspects of labor relations, labor treatment and treatment of work-related injuries.

according to the City Labor Dispute Arbitration Office official, the province’s annual arbitration of more than and 400 cases of labor disputes, more than half of the focus in Xining. So far this year, 236 cases of arbitration in Xining arbitration agency, the largest number of cases of labor disputes. In addition, in turn for the treatment of work-related injuries, labor treatment cases. The focus of labor relations disputes, is the main parties both sides to terminate the labor relationship in practice differ, enterprises are often based on their internal rules and regulations of labor relations and workers. In addition, such cases often contain a certain economic factors, after the dispute, the two sides are reluctant to spend money on professional audit, resulting in the case when the determination and ruling have a certain degree of difficulty. Treatment of work-related injuries disputes mainly concentrated in the disability benefits, enterprises often think of themselves in the disabled workers paid the cost of treatment during hospitalization, should not pay for disability benefits, or both in the amount of subsidies could not agree. Labor treatment cases are mainly reflected in the contract breach. read more

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Spring grass a new year alone

"down to the point, a little high……" a pair of men and women look like a pair of couplets on the door.

"Uncle Xu, do you think so?"

"good, good, beautiful."

they are not father and daughter, the old man named Xu Tongsheng, 77 years old this year. In 1975 the mother from Henan Nanyang to Qinghai Lake fishing workers, retired later in Xining. Xu Tongsheng into the old man’s house, the table was placed in the neighbor sent bread, meatballs, although not rich, but the elderly are satisfied. read more

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What are the operating skills of the clothing store

everything is not the lack of the basic necessities of life, the clothing industry is a main choice of the industry people, the investment cost of the garment industry low profit, is a good choice to shop. But want to own clothing store profitable, also need a good management. Below, just go along with Xiaobian look at the clothing store business skills.

operating clothing stores have a short season. Clothing store off-season demand is not strong, clothing store marketing should be more emphasis on competition oriented, put more focus on the analysis and analysis of competitors. Relatively speaking, the peak season should emphasize demand-oriented, functional innovation to meet consumer demand for profit is more practical significance. read more

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Xining basic education satisfaction Sixth

Reporters from the city of Nanjing in July 14th, Xining municipal CPPCC education hand forum was informed that the Chinese Academy of Sciences show force of basic public services: Xining city China evaluation of basic education in the country 38 provincial and state planning city satisfaction rankings, from ninth in 2011 rose to sixth last year…… The results obtained, and the municipal government attaches great importance to the development of education is inseparable from the education activities are hand in hand with the city in recent years, in many ways, inter provincial level is inseparable, which, by the city of Nanjing, Xining municipal CPPCC matchmaking contributed to the two education wide hand in hand is the most typical example. read more

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